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Mapping email replies to inbound address using custom domains
Mapping email replies to inbound address using custom domains

Map sender address to the same inbound email address that customers contact you on.

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If you wish to change the email address that your team reply with from their personal email to the email address the user contacts you on, you can do this by choosing to map your sender address to the inbound email address. With this option, if a customer contacts you through, then your replies will also come from

To find out how to forward your emails from to Intercom for example, check out this article.

If your team are replying to an email that was not originated from being forwarded to Intercom, you can choose a default email that will be used in these cases.

Get started

Once you've done the steps above, go to Settings > Email > Sender email addresses:

Select the Use your domain and email address option:

Note: At least one domain a teammate signed up with needs to be verified in the Domains settings page before this can be selected.

Then click Yes, change address to enable this setting.

Toggle Map to inbound email address on to ensure replies to inbound emails will send from the verified custom address the customer contacts you through.

Then select the custom address that will be the default reply address for group conversations, forwards and notification emails, and click Save.

Note: When you turn this setting on, teammate replies will be sent from the inbound email address however it will also show the teammates name. It will appear as "Teammate name from Company Name <inbound email address>"


What is the From address when a conversation starts in Messenger first, then goes to email?

The default email address selected when enabling the option.

Where will email notifications come from?

Email notifications are sent from the default email address.

What is the outbound sender address when teammates start a new conversation?

By default, for 1:1 conversations - it is the default reply address chosen. For mass outbound conversations, it is the address the teammate signed up with. However, teammates can still choose from any of the verified custom addresses set up from the sender address dropdown while composing an email.


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