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Tooltips explained

Tooltips educate and drive adoption without disrupting your customers.

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What are Tooltips?


Tooltips are perfect for solving confusion or pain points in specific areas in your product. They’re great for drawing attention to things too.


Tooltips can be customized to look like a native part of your product, allowing you to surface information without disrupting customers.

Connected and persistent

Tooltips can be used to kick off a Product Tour, surface an Article, or prompt a Survey. And their persistence means they’re perfect for embedding content in your product so customers can always find it.


Tooltips are built in the same way as Product Tours, enabling you to add them to your product without the help of an engineer. And because they’re less complex than tours, you can set them up in minutes.

Use cases

Trigger other content from a Tooltip

Pull in content you’ve created within Intercom such as Articles, Product Tours, and Surveys, and make it instantly available to your customers.

Alert with an animated beacon

Get immediate attention with a beacon that flashes until a customer hovers over it, and then presents your content.

Announce with a label

Highlight new features or betas you’ve released with a label that draws attention to a specific area of your product.

Educate with a classic Tooltip

Place a Tooltip in a specific pain point of your product for a light and easy way to educate.

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