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Automatically show Tooltips to the right customers
Automatically show Tooltips to the right customers

Set up rules and scheduling to engage and educate a target audience at the right time.

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Once you’ve added your Tooltips, the next step is to automatically show them to the right audience at the right time.

For example, you could drive faster adoption by:

  • Scheduling Tooltips to only show for the first few weeks users are onboarding.

  • Highlighting or announcing a new feature to existing customers to encourage them to adopt it.

  • Giving website visitors extra context when they visit your product pages.

  • Proactively resolving customer issues by showing a Tooltip that provides them with a solution or advice.

Target a specific audience with your Tooltip

You can target a specific audience to automatically show your Tooltip to. First, choose to target users, visitors or leads:

Then, choose the rules for the audience you’d like to target. For example, if you’re highlighting a new feature to existing users, you could target them based on when they signed up.

Or, if you want to target your most engaged website visitors with a Tooltip that explains your product, you could target them based on the number of pages they’ve viewed on your site, and the website they came from. Learn more about how filters work here.


Choose when to show the Tooltip

Decide when to start and stop showing these Tooltips. You can also specify the hours within this period, e.g. only outside office hours.

Note: You can also manage the frequency that these Tooltips will appear for customers.

Set up goals

Measure the impact of the Tooltips depending on the use case you have in mind. For example, for a new feature launch you might like to see how this increased feature adoption:

What’s next?

Measure your Tooltips performance to see how they’re driving customer engagement.


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