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How to customize the email signature for your business.

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An email signature is text, like your contact information and business logo or profile photo, that’s automatically added at the end of email messages as a footer. You can customize the email signature for your business and apply it to all support emails written by your team, including replies.

Get started

Note: This signature will be applied to your entire workspace.

Add a logo

Start by adding a JPEG, PNG or GIF for your logo (maximum file size is 1MB). This can be positioned above, below, left, and right of the signature text body, or resized using the options below.


  • The default image size is set to 40 pixel height (image proportions are locked).

  • Text starts wrapping after 240 pixels.

  • It is only possible to have one logo

To replace or remove an existing image, simply hover over it and upload a new file or delete it.

Add the text body

Now use the text editor to add sender attributes, and other info such as your team name, company website, links, etc.

Choose from the following attributes when you click on the {..} symbol:

  • Author name

  • Author full name

  • Author job title

  • Author phone number

  • Author department
    Author email

  • App name

If you need to edit your name, job title, phone number, email or department, you can do so from your admin page:

Note: Your email address will depend on whether you are sending email from the address you use to log into Intercom or the Intercom address in your pubic profile. Find out which email you are using in your Email settings here.

Next, use the “+” icon to add a button, code, bulleted list, numbered list, or HTML.

You can also highlight and format the text to make it bold or add links.

When you’re happy with the preview, click “Save and set live”.

Note: At the moment, it's only possible to create a business signature, not an individual teammate signature.

A workaround is to have your teammates create their own personal macro with their name and sign off, which they can use at the end of an email.

It is not possible to edit the Font used in the signature.


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