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Dynamically link to other tools from the Help Desk
Dynamically link to other tools from the Help Desk

Use ‘Quick Links’ to access your customer or company information in other tools, directly from the Help Desk.

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When chatting with a customer from the Help Desk, you can use Quick Links to easily check their details in a database, billing system or another tool you use. Quick Links lets you get there in a single click, and it’s easy to create links.

You can even add links to searches in other tools, or on public sites like LinkedIn:{name}

Adding Quick Links to your conversation details

To get started, click on ‘Edit Apps’ in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Then select the pin icon to add ‘Quick Links’ from the list:

Define the links to display

After adding Quick Links, click ‘Settings’ to define the links you’d like to see in your conversation details.

This will take you to the Quick Links app settings page, where you can define the links you’d like to see. If you'd like to use a URL that contains a unique parameter, like a user ID, you can create a dynamic URL by inserting the attribute in the link field.

Choose from any of the following attributes: Name, User ID, email, Company name, Company ID, and any of your custom data attributes.

Using company attributes in links

If you use a company attribute (like company ID), a link will show for each company a user is associated with, so you can quickly access the right link.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Do all your links point to the same user? — Make sure you haven’t left any unique parameters in the URL when pasting it in, like a unique user ID for example.

  • Do your links point to the wrong place, or throw an error? — Make sure the attribute you use to identify them in Intercom is consistent with the data in the tool you're linking to.

Note: If the URL you want to use contains double quotation marks " they will need to be encoded by replacing the quotation marks with %22.

For example, if your URL is:"email"

You would need to change it to:

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