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Use ticket attributes in Custom Actions
Use ticket attributes in Custom Actions

How to use ticket attributes in the Custom Action builder.

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Empower Intercom Tickets interoperability with Custom Actions by using ticket attributes in the Custom Action builder.

From the Custom Action builder, you can access both your Ticket Types and Ticket Type Attributes with the the attribute selector.

Each ticket type is organized into its own section of the Attribute Selector just after the default ticket type, complete with all relevant attributes, and is prefixed by its ticket category name, e.g. Customer ticket or Back-office ticket.

Learn how to create Custom Actions.

Ticket attributes in Custom Actions can be used in:

  • Workflows

  • Inbox

  • Macros

  • CMD+K

Workflows example 👇

No message is sent to the ticket when a Custom Action is triggered from both Inbox and CMD+K.

List of available Ticket Attributes available in the Custom Action Template Selector:

  • Ticket Title

  • Ticket Description

  • Ticket Status

  • Ticket Assignee ID

  • Ticket Assignee Firstname

  • Ticket Type ID


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