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Fin AI Agent explained
Fin AI Agent explained

Provide fast, intelligent support to your customers with Intercom’s AI Agent, Fin.

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What is Fin AI Agent?

Fin AI Agent is more than an AI chatbot: using the most sophisticated AI language models, it instantly resolves customer issues across channels with accurate, conversational answers based solely on your support content.

You can start using Fin AI Agent quickly without using any code or complex configurations.

Fin AI Agent is available on EU and AU hosted workspaces, but the data used by Fin is currently processed in the US. Regional data processing for Fin will become available in early 2024.

Customizable setup

Fin AI Agent is enabled and customized through Workflows, offering you the best control and flexibility. Fin can pass a conversation to an existing Workflow to triage, or a Workflow can pass to Fin to step in and offer support whenever you want.

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For customers on the Starter or Essential plans, see this article to learn how to customize and set Fin AI Agent live.

AI Answers

Fin AI Agent can provide AI-generated answers using a wide variety of content sources, including:

As your support content gets better, Fin does too—along with its resolution rates.

Custom Answers

For even greater control over the response Fin AI Agent provides, you can create Custom Answers with follow-up actions and rules to take each customer down the right path.

Omnichannel support

Fin AI Agent is supported across multiple channels, including Intercom Messenger (web, iOS, and Android), as well as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and SMS.

Visible on the Help Desk

Fin AI Agent has built-in safeguards to ensure it answers questions based solely on your support content, dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing “hallucinations". But you can also keep an eye on your new AI agent and view Fin's conversations on the Help Desk.

Impact and performance

You’ll have access to an AI Agent report where you can clearly see how Fin is impacting your deflection and resolution rates.

Customer experience

Fin AI Agent holds complete support conversations with your customers in multiple languages. It understands complex queries, asks clarifying questions, and explains complicated subjects clearly.

  • Fin links to your relevant public source information for each answer in the conversation.

  • If you're using Intercom Articles, they’ll open directly in the Messenger. Otherwise they’ll open in a new tab.

Usage limits and controls

Manage your Fin AI Agent usage with automated email notifications when Fin hits a certain number of resolutions, and set up a limit to your AI agent spending so you're always in control.

Get started

Try a free 14-day trial from Fin AI Agent in your workspace now 😃 At the end of the trial, you'll only be charged per resolution.

Test workspaces cannot enable AI answers, but they can enable Custom Answers.


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