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View Fin AI Agent's conversations from the Help Desk
View Fin AI Agent's conversations from the Help Desk

How to keep an eye on Fin AI Agent's conversations from the Help Desk.

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After you’ve set Fin AI Agent live, a new Fin AI Agent conversations folder will automatically be created on the Help Desk and pinned to all teammates’ lists.

Default Fin AI Agent folder

There are four different views available in the default Fin AI Agent folder:

  • All conversations - Conversations where Fin was involved.

  • Resolved - Conversations where the customer confirmed Fin's answer was helpful, or left without asking for a teammate's help.

  • Routed - Conversations where the customer asked to talk to a teammate.

  • Abandoned - Conversations where the customer didn't receive an answer and became inactive.

The views in the Fin AI Agent folder will accurately show Fin's conversations which were resolved, routed, or abandoned since August 2, 2023.

However, Fin AI Agent conversations that were created before this date will only appear in the All conversations and Abandoned views. This is because different sources of conversation resolution states were merged from this date onwards. These conversations will soon be categorized in their correct view too.

Create your own Fin AI Agent folders and views

The filters used for these views are also available when creating and editing Help Desk views so teammates can create more customized folders and views if they want to.

For example, you could create a view for Unassigned Fin Conversations by using the filters "Fin involved is true" and "Teammate assigned is None".


Can I edit or delete the Fin AI Agent folder from my Help Desk?

No, you can’t edit or delete the default Fin AI Agent folder, only unpin it. However, you can create a new customizable view using filters.

Why are old conversations showing up in my view?

We have backfilled all conversations so that they can be filtered by "Fin involved", so historical conversations (such as those with Custom Answers only) will match "Fin involved is true".


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