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Troubleshooting external content import
Troubleshooting external content import

What to check if Fin AI Agent hasn't imported all pages from your content for providing AI Answers.

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When importing content to enable Fin AI Agent, you'll need to enter the public URL of your external support content. This will search for all pages nested under that URL and import them into your Content Library for Fin AI Agent to use.

If the importer didn't return the number of pages you expected, there are a few reasons...

The URL provided isn't the top level domain

Our importer works by going to the URL you provide and then searching for all pages nested under that URL. These pages must have the same URL pattern as the URL you provide.

For example, if the top level domain is, then all pages you want to import must include /home prefix in the URL e.g. If they do not, remove the prefix and use the most basic URL stem e.g., then try the import again.

The URL is private

If the content you want to use is behind a login, we won't be able to access or import it.

Most visited websites

You cannot sync content from any of the most visited websites. These websites are automatically blocked.

It is also not possible to sync content from or localhost

Page limits

You can import up to 10 different external sources and we will import a maximum of 3000 pages from each source. Importing can sometimes fail if there is a very large amount of content on a single page.

Note: If you are only using Intercom Articles to enable Fin AI Agent, these will be available automatically and do not need to be imported.


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