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How to sync public URLs to the Knowledge Hub and enable this content for Fin.

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If you’d like to add website content to the Knowledge Hub and enable it for Fin AI Agent and Fin AI Copilot, you can do this by syncing the public URL for that site.

Get started

Go to Knowledge Hub > Sources and scroll down to “Websites” then click on the Sync button to get started.

Now enter the URL of your external support content (top-level domain).

This will fetch all of the pages from the website URL you provide and will read from all the sub domain pages.


Provide a list of specific page URLs

You can also provide a list of specific page URLs. Create a list using comma separated URLs. This will fetch the content from these pages in addition to the pages found from the URL above.

Then go ahead and click Sync website.

Webpages (public URLs) are synced weekly, even if there's an update to the external content in the meantime. To re-sync immediately, you’ll need to do this manually.👇

Manage website sources

Once the sync is complete, you’ll receive an email notification and the website will appear as a synced source under Knowledge Hub > Content.

If you click into a website source, you can preview and manage the individual pages that were synced from the public URL.

Website sources are read-only and can’t be edited within the Knowledge Hub, they must be edited at the source.

Configure settings

When you view a website source in the Knowledge Hub, you’ll find a "Details" panel on the right which contains:

  • Data: View the content type, language, creation date, and last update (when it was last synced with the source).

  • Fin settings: To enable/disable for Fin AI Agent and Fin AI Copilot. When enabled, the content becomes available to customers through Fin AI Agent and to teammates via Fin AI Copilot, respectively.

  • Fin AI Agent Audience: Ensure customers only get answers and see content that is relevant for them.

  • Link: The public URL for this website source.

  • Folder: The folder where this public URL lives in the Knowledge Hub. You can’t change the folder of synced content.

Make it available to Fin

To make a website source available to Fin AI Agent and/or Fin AI Copilot, go to the Knowledge Hub and view the source.

From the Details panel, scroll down to “Fin settings” and choose whether to toggle on:

  • Available for Fin AI Agent - This setting will make the public URL available for Fin AI Agent to use when responding to customers (it will respect any audience rules).

  • Available for Fin AI Copilot - This setting will make the public URL available for Fin AI Copilot to use when answering teammates questions in the inbox via the Copilot panel.

Learn how to set up Fin AI Agent for your customers or enable your team on using Fin AI Copilot in the inbox.

Teammates require access to Fin AI Copilot to use it in the inbox. This can be managed for each teammate from Settings > Teammates.

Make it available to a specific audience

If this website source is only relevant for a specific subset of customers, you can use audience filters to make it visible to certain people.

First, you’ll need to create and define the audience you want to target.

Then go to the Knowledge Hub and view the source. From the Details panel scroll down to “Audience” and use the dropdown to select one of your pre-defined audiences.


  • The default audience for public URLs is “Everyone”.

  • Fin AI Agent will also respect any audience you apply to a public URL and only use this article to answer customer questions if they match the audience rules.

  • Fin AI Copilot currently does not use audience rules when answering teammates in the inbox.

Re-sync or remove a website as a source

If you’d like to re-sync or remove a public URL as a source, go to Knowledge Hub > Sources and scroll down to “Websites” then click on Manage next to the source. Here, you can select whether to Re-sync or Remove this source.

Troubleshooting website sync

If the sync didn't return the number of pages you expected, there are a few reasons...

The URL provided isn't the top level domain

The website sync works by going to the URL you provide and then searching for all pages nested under that URL. These pages must have the same URL pattern as the URL you provide.

For example, if the top level domain is, then all pages you want to import must include /home prefix in the URL e.g. If they do not, remove the prefix and use the most basic URL stem e.g., then try the import again.

The URL is private

If the content you want to use is behind a login, we won't be able to access or import it.

Page limits

You can sync up to 10 different public URLs and we will sync a maximum of 3000 pages from each source. Syncing can sometimes fail if there is a very large amount of content on a single page.

If you’re using Intercom Articles to enable Fin AI Agent or Fin AI Copilot, these will be available in the Knowledge Hub automatically as public articles and don’t need to be imported.


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