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Hand over Fin AI Agent conversations to another support tool
Hand over Fin AI Agent conversations to another support tool

How to route AI Agent conversations to an external support tool when they require human support.

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When Fin AI Agent can't resolve a conversation, you have full control over what happens next. You can hand it over efficiently to a human via the Help Desk, redirect customers to email or phone support or, as we’ll explore in this article, hand it over to another support tool.

Configuring Fin AI Agent’s handover

Go to Automation > Workflows and open the Workflow you've previously set up for Fin.

Workflows can do a lot. But for most handover cases, you will only require three pieces of functionality:

  • Sending bot messages to tell the customer what to expect,

  • Collecting data from the customer, and

  • Custom Actions to make a web request to your other support tool via their API.

You can add as many of these as you want by clicking on the + button:

In this example, we’ve started by setting expectations with the customer and asking for their email address. We’ll use this information later in a Custom Action to provide the right context to the other support tool.

Creating a ticket on another support tool using Custom Actions

Now that we’ve configured the Workflow to collect the data we need, we’ll close the conversation on Intercom and open a new ticket on the other support tool.

The screenshot below shows the full Workflow:

Finally, all we need to do is configure our Custom Action to call the third party providers API. Click Select Custom Action and then click Create a Custom Action.

You’ll need to follow the steps outlined on your third party support tool API documentation to understand what endpoint should be called and what data it requires.

Here's a fully working example using Zendesk’s API.


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