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Ticket form options

Overview of the various ways Intercom allows you to collect information from customers through ticket forms: bots, API, Help Desk, etc.

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Often times, complex customer queries require your team to collect more detailed information from the customer. When this information is exchanged via a typical email or chat exchange, it can lead to unnecessary back and forth and longer resolution times.

To streamline this process, you can send a ticket form to customers so that your team has all the information they need upfront.

There are three primary ways to send a ticket form to a customer:

  1. Automatically send ticket forms using Workflows.

  2. Manually send a ticket form via the Help Desk.

  3. Presenting a ticket form in your product.

Let’s dig into each one of those.

Automatically send a ticket form using Workflows

Set up an automation in Workflows with the following configurations:

  • Trigger - Customer opens a new conversation in the Messenger.

  • Branching conditions - Provide customers with options to select from, which reflect the type of help they need.

  • Action - Send a ticket type form in the appropriate Workflow paths.

This is what the customer will see when they open the Messenger. They can easily click on the form, and submit details.

To set up your Workflow, navigate to Automation > Workflows from the left menu. Next, click on New workflow.

Learn more about using tickets in Workflows.

Note: Time and Date ticket attributes can't be updated on customers' end. Because of that, you shouldn't be able to add it to tickets when sending it for customers to fill

Manually sending a ticket form via the Help Desk

When customers don’t go through the Workflow described above, your team can still send them a ticket from manually via the Help Desk to collect the necessary information.

Press ⌘ K / Ctrl K from within a conversation, then search for Send a ticket form.

Select the relevant ticket type to insert it in the chat.

Easily send the form in the conversation and include any other replies.

Sending a ticket form from the Help Desk is only supported for Messenger conversations and doesn’t work in other channels like email and WhatsApp.

Presenting a ticket form in your product

You can also build and present ticket forms in your product. When a customer submits the form, you call Intercom’s API to create a ticket in your inbox with the information provided in the form.

📖 To learn more about our Tickets API, visit the Developers Hub.


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