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Tickets portal explained

Provide an external view of all relevant tickets to each of your customer organizations.

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The tickets portal provides an external view of all relevant tickets to each of your customer organizations. This allows them to see a real time view of all tickets in one place, understand their current state, or historical state, and reduce duplication. They can take action on a ticket to help move it forward and participate in conversations linked to a ticket.

Required settings

You’ll need to have a Help Center custom domain, Cookie Forwarding, and Identity Verification set up before enabling the tickets portal. Read our tickets portal required settings before getting started.

How it works

The tickets portal is built into your Intercom Help Center and enables specified logged in users to view all tickets associated with companies they are a member of.

You can filter tickets on the Tickets portal by ticket state. The ticket state filter is available on the top of the ticket portal. Click on the dropdown to select the state you would like to filter your tickets by. You will only be able to filter by one state at a time.

Selecting a ticket will show the ticket details (i.e. status, ticket ID, ticket type, description etc.).

Clicking the Send us a message button allows users to open and join the linked conversation to view more context. This opens directly in the Messenger. If the user is not already participating in the conversation, they have the option to click Join conversation.

Once they join a conversation, the ticket will be added to the tickets space in the Messenger, enabling them to see all tickets they create or participate in.

How customers can access the portal

Depending on the configuration setup - there are three ways for end-users to access the ticket portal.

  • Tickets portal card in Help Centre

  • The tickets space provides a banner link at the top for easy access back to the tickets portal main page

  • Lastly, end-users can directly access the portal with a URL. This URL is generated in the Articles settings. See more Share the tickets portal URL.

Associate tickets with companies

Tickets can be associated with companies when creating new tickets, updating existing tickets, converting a conversation to a ticket, or linking a ticket to a conversation.

Simply select a company from the dropdown menu in the top panel of the ticket information. The options in this dropdown will list all companies that are currently associated to the user(s) participating in the ticket.


  • If a user is a member of exactly one company that company will be automatically selected. You can deselect it by choosing the No company option.

  • Users with more than one company will have No company automatically selected and you must choose which company you want to associate the ticket with.

Filter Help Desk search results by company

Support reps triaging or working on a new ticket can use Help Desk search and filter by Company to check for duplicate tickets already raised.

The Company column can also be added to your table view which displays the associated company record for each ticket.

Note: for more on how the Company search filter works for both Tickets and Conversations, see Help Desk search and filter article

Tickets tab in company profile page

All tickets related to the company are shown in the 'Tickets' tab within the company profile page.

Get started

After you’ve checked the tickets portal required settings, you can go ahead and complete the tickets portal setup.


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