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Use the dedicated Calls report to visualize and explore your team’s calling activity.

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Use the dedicated Calls report to visualize and explore your team’s calling activity. This is great for viewing call volume, predicting coverage needed, and analyzing teammate productivity.

To find your Calls report, head to Reports > Human support > Calls.


Inbound calls

Total number of inbound phone calls.

Outbound calls

Total number of outbound phone calls, including phone and Messenger calls.

Messenger calls

Total number of outbound Messenger calls.

Call duration

Total duration of a call for a customer from when the call has placed to when the call has ended.

Call in queue time

Duration the customer waits on hold in the queue to be connected with a teammate after the call has been assigned to a team. If a call is then transferred to different teams, this includes the total in queue hold time across all transfers.

Call talk time

Duration the customer spends talking with a teammate during a call. If the call is transferred, this is the total talk time across all transfers. Call talk time excludes time the teammate has placed the call on hold.

Calls by direction

Total number of calls. This includes inbound calls, outbound calls, and Messenger calls. There may be multiple calls per conversation.

You can also use a range of call metrics and attributes to create your own custom report.

Report use cases

Workload management

Identify changes in call volume to scale your team effectively.

Call effectiveness

Identify changes in call effectiveness, and queueing times for customers.

Customer experience

Identify trends in how customers are experiencing calls, by the reason calls are ended, the time spent talking, and the time spent on hold in a queue.

Teammate performance

Identify teammate performance in terms of calls handled, calls placed, and talk time for each teammate.

Applying filters

Take a deeper dive into your calls report by using the toolbar at the top of the screen to specify a date range, select a call type, or filter by a specific data attribute.

You can also filter by "Last inbound call state" to see reporting on specific call states such as how many are awaiting a callback.

Add multiple filters for more granular reporting.


  • The date range filters by the time that calls were placed at.

  • The Call teammate filter includes any teammate who talked on a call, and in the case of outbound calls, the teammate who placed the call.

  • Only calls that have ended are included in this report.


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