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Redacting Primary Account Numbers (PAN) in conversations
Redacting Primary Account Numbers (PAN) in conversations
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What is PAN redaction?

Intercom offers a PAN redaction feature which scans conversation content for numbers that look like credit card numbers and that pass a Luhn check. If a matching number is found, it will be masked up to the last 4 digits of the number, for example ************9561.

Any matching numbers are fully redacted and not saved to the database. They cannot be restored.

Enable PAN redaction within conversations

This feature can be enabled by navigating to Settings > Security settings > Data Security Settings and checking the “Enable primary account number (PAN) redaction within conversations” box.

Supported channels

PAN redaction is currently supported on the following channels:

  • Web Messenger

  • Mobile iOS SDK

  • Mobile Android SDK

Whilst every effort is taken to reduce false positives, they can still occur. Long ID numbers, for example, can pass various credit card number checks and could end up being redacted. Any redacted parts can't be restored.


How do I view a number that has been redacted in error?

Redaction is a destructive action which wipes the original number from our conversations completely. For this reason, you won't be able to view or restore any number that was redacted.

What’s the customer experience of this?

Customers will see a redacted version of the affected number in web Messenger and both iOS and Android SDKs. The number will also appear redacted in the conversation on the Help Desk.

Once data is redacted, is it in the Intercom database?

When the data is redacted, it is removed from the Intercom database completely.


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