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Prevent replies after you close a conversation
Prevent replies after you close a conversation

Encourage your customers to open new conversations after issues are resolved.

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If you’d like to prevent customers responding to conversations after they’ve been closed, you can enable this as a setting for your workspace. You can choose how long a conversation must have been closed before it can no longer be replied to.

This can help you measure your support team’s performance by the number of conversations closed.

Enable reply prevention in your settings

To set this up, go to your Messenger settings and open Control inbound conversation volume under the Conversations section.

You’ll see a toggle with two options once you open this section:

  • Users.

  • Visitors (this includes Leads). 

For each option you can define a delay (in days). After that time limit a conversation can no longer be replied to by a customer:

👆This example shows that visitors can reply to closed conversations for up to 5 days. 

If this is switched off, customers will be able to reply to a closed conversation at any time, which will reopen it. 


Can teammates reopen closed conversations?

Yes. If a teammate replies to the conversation at any point after it has been closed, it will reopen for the customer. This allows you to follow up with customers after issues have been resolved, or updates released etc.

What do customers see?

With this setting enabled, your customers will still be able to view their closed conversations in the Messenger, but won’t be able to reply directly. Instead, they’ll be encouraged to start a new conversation:

Note: To enable this in your mobile app, you must have version 7.1.0 (or greater) of the Intercom mobile SDK (Android or iOS) installed.

Expected behavior

  • The feature works on web and mobile - Customers will be prevented from replying to closed conversations in the Web Messenger and Mobile SDKs.

  • Replies on Articles - Currently conversations started from Articles and then later closed will still be able to be re-opened.

  • New conversations button - When the “New Conversation” in the Messenger home is hidden, this additional “New Conversation” button in a closed conversation thread is still present and functional.

What happens to email conversations?

Email replies to closed conversations can be configured separately.

If your emails are configured to come from your teammate's individual email addresses and a customer replies directly to a teammate, the new conversation will be assigned to that teammate.


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