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Set up Fin AI Agent on the Starter/Essential plan
Set up Fin AI Agent on the Starter/Essential plan

Learn how to set up Fin AI Agent if you're on the Starter or Essential plan with no access to Workflows.

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Workflows is the primary way to set up and set Fin AI Agent live. However, if you're on the Starter or Essential plan, you won't have access to Workflows and must follow a different setup process shown below.

Set up Fin AI Agent

To customize and set Fin AI Agent live on the Starter or Essential plans (not paying for Workflows), navigate to Fin AI Agent then click Set up Fin on the Overview page.

Add content

You first need to set up and preview Fin with your support content on the Add content tab.

Set up and go live

Once you’ve added content, you can navigate to the Set up and go live tab. On this tab, you can preview and test Fin AI Agent on the right of the page as you configure its settings.

In the Who will see Fin section, you can define the Audience and Channels that Fin AI Agent will be live for. Once you’re set, click Save and move to the next section.

In the Let Fin introduce itself section, you can customize how Fin AI Agent will introduce itself at the beginning of a conversation. Doing this helps customers better understand what Fin can do and how to interact with it.

You can enable Fin AI Agent for your chosen languages, then delete and add your own intro messages. Hit Save and move to the next section.

In the If Fin cannot resolve the conversation section, you can set up how Fin AI Agent should behave if it can't resolve a conversation, or the customer chooses to end their conversation.

For example, you can set Fin AI Agent to Pass to team and Assign to the Support team. You can assign the conversation to any Teammate or Team.

If you want Fin AI Agent to Auto-close if the customer becomes inactive, you can do that in this section and define how long Fin should wait before a customer is considered 'inactive'.

You can also customize what Fin says when closing the conversation. When a customer goes inactive after interacting with Fin, you can make sure they got what they needed by sending a chaser message which lets them know they can still speak to your support team, even if the conversation is being closed.

In the Ask for conversation rating when Fin finishes section, you can set Fin AI Agent to send a CSAT survey at the end of the interaction and prevent the customer from changing their initial rating after a period of time.

By enabling Fin AI Agent CSAT, a survey can appear in a conversation over the Intercom Messenger when:

A customer clicks the That helped reply button.

A customer clicks the Talk to a person reply button (if a handover is configured in the "If Fin cannot resolve the conversation" section).

A customer goes inactive (after 3 minutes).

Once you’re happy with all settings, and have tested that Fin AI Agent can answer questions from the interactive preview on the right, you can click Set Fin Live.

Let Fin collect additional context

Gather more information with Fin AI Agent when a customer asks to speak to the team.

When collecting more information Fin may also provide an additional answer—increasing the likelihood of a self-serve resolution. The extra information will also provide more context when the conversation is handed off to a teammate—improving agent efficiency and effectiveness.

Note: Insider knowledge 🔍 Before launch we tested this feature extensively—observing an increase in answer rate, confirmed resolutions, and CSAT.

Upgrade/Downgrade experience


If you decide to upgrade your plan and pay for Workflows, your Fin AI Agent setup experience will be updated to Workflows, and a Workflow will be automatically created and set live that is based on your previous Fin AI Agent setup.


If you decide to downgrade your plan to Starter or Essential, you'll lose access to Workflows and any Fin AI Agent Workflows will be paused. You'll then need to set Fin live from the Overview page to continue using Fin AI Agent.


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