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Troubleshooting WhatsApp errors
Troubleshooting WhatsApp errors
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"This number is registered to an existing WhatsApp account"

Seeing an error such as this one indicates that this phone number has been used with another WhatsApp Business API provider in the past. If this is the case, to resolve this, you should follow the onboarding flow for “migrating an existing WhatsApp phone number from my current provider”, being sure to exit the WhatsApp embedded onboarding process after Step 2.

If this phone number has not been used with another WhatsApp Business API provider, this may indicate that the phone number has been used in an Android, iPhone, or Business application version of WhatsApp. You should follow steps 3 to 7 under the Learn more link of the error to disconnect the number from that WhatsApp account, then you should be able to retry our onboarding process successfully. Chat history will be lost on disconnection here so be sure to change it beforehand.

If neither of these options are the case for you then contact us and we can try manually connecting WhatsApp for you if you share with us your WhatsApp account ID and phone number.

“Code Couldn't Be Sent”

You can check for this code in the console of your browser while going through the sign up process. If this error was during the phone number migration set up path, it could be that the migration has successfully occurred. You may instead be able to follow the “I’m integrating WhatsApp for the first time” set up path instead, selecting the new WhatsApp accounts that were created during the migration set up.

If this still fails, we can try manually connecting WhatsApp.

500 Error In Console During Sign Up

If you are unable to save your business profile settings and are receiving a 500 error back in your browser console, it's likely a validation error returned to us by WhatsApp on the profile setting you are trying to update. There are some details on the restrictions such as maximum number of characters here.

“Cannot Migrate Phone Number. The WhatsApp account that this number is registered isn’t set up correctly.”

Check if number is fully verified by Meta, it has to be before you can connect it to Intercom so knowing that its successfully connected is important here. The number might already be in use with the WhatsApp Business app. In that case, you need to delete it from your app. If both of these checks fail then contact us and we'll try manually connect the number.

“WhatsApp Business Account access not shared”

Contact Intercom customer support for help with this error.

“Cannot Create Certificate. Please ensure two-factor authentication is disabled”

Ensure that your whatsapp number is connected from the app store installation page. If this fails, contact Intercom Customer Support.

“Please make sure you fully authorize access to your WhatsApp Business Account”

Check if number is fully verified by Meta, it has to be before you can connect it to Intercom. Contact customer support if this doesn't resolve the issue.

“Please retry in some time or reach support to get issue fixed”

This error appears to be related to words that are not allowed to be written on Facebook in the title or description. It might be related to the values being entered into the fields. This Facebook developers post might be worth checking out.

WABA inputted (ID xxxx) is already using a payment method

Typically see this for numbers provisioned by third parties. Attempting the migration onboarding steps here will help but if not, contact our Customer Support.

“We can't verify the Meta business account that you selected. Go back to the previous screen to select a different account, or go to Meta Business Manager for support”

This is an error which requires you to contact Meta Support in order to resolve.

“Unsupported get request. Object with ID XXXXXXXXXXXX does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation” when you try to connect a number via Admin tools

Make sure the code which is shown to you is a WhatsApp account ID. Facebook does have requirements that must be met before migrating to Whatsapp Business Account. You can find them here.

Error code (#100) Invalid parameter

This is usually flagged by Meta due to any phone migration error. Check the Meta docs for more details.


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