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Manage knowledge audiences and targeting
Manage knowledge audiences and targeting

How to target content at a specific audience, and ensure Fin is able to match content with the right customer.

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If you want Fin AI Agent to use specific content when responding to some customers, you can apply audience rules to the content in the Knowledge Hub.

The Audience for each content item is displayed within the table on the Content page.

Audience targeting currently only works with Fin AI Agent and is not yet available for Fin AI Copilot.

Create and manage audiences

To define new audiences for your knowledge content or manage existing ones, visit Settings > Data > Audiences.

You can also manage audiences by selecting content items in the Knowledge Hub and using the action menu to Change audience and then click Manage audiences.

These settings can also be accessed from the Details panel when you're viewing a piece of content in the Knowledge Hub.

To create a new audience, click on New audience and give it a name.

Now set the audience targeting rules that define that audience. You'll then be able to see a preview of the audience it matches.

Currently this supports:

But does not support:

  • Conversation Data Attributes (CVDAs).

Audience rules can use tags and segments to filter by users with that tag or who belong to a particular segment. These can easily be set up from Contacts and then you can simply search for that tag/segment.

Once this audience is saved, you can then apply it to content within the Knowledge Hub.

Applying an audience to content items

The easiest way to apply an audience is to select the content items in the Knowledge Hub and use the three dot menu to select Change audience and then choose the correct audience(s).


  • If content has no audience selected, then “Everyone” will be selected by default.

  • Fin AI Agent will respect the audience rules you apply and only use content that's available to that customer when generating AI answers.

  • Fin AI Copilot currently doesn’t use audience rules when providing AI answers for teammates in the inbox.

Selecting multiple audiences

It's possible to select multiple audiences for an individual content item, in this case they are treated like an “OR” statement - so if Audience A and Audience B were selected for an item of content, Fin AI Agent would be able to use that content for any user that matches Audience A, or Audience B, or both.

Other targeting rules will still be applied to the content Fin AI Agent uses such as the Workflow audience where Fin is used, and Article audience rules you’ve applied to public articles in your Help Center.


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