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Enforce the language of the Messenger, Fin AI Agent and Workflows for specific users
Enforce the language of the Messenger, Fin AI Agent and Workflows for specific users

No-code language override functionality that allows you to determine what language a specific customer should be spoken to in.

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The Language override attribute can be used to enforce a customer's Messenger and automation language. Once the attribute is set, the customer will always view the Messenger and receive automation content (Fin AI Agent and Workflows) in that language.

You can set this user attribute in three different ways.

1. Via Workflows

You can add a Set language override step to any workflow, which will set the language override of the current user in the conversation to a chosen language:

When a workflow sets a user’s language override attribute, a conversation event will be displayed in the inbox:

You can also set the customer’s language override from within the Apply rules step in Workflows:

2. Directly from the contact page

You can also update a customer’s Language override attribute directly from the contact's profile in your workspace.

Simply navigate to their profile in Contacts, and find the "Language override" attribute in the top left menu.

You can then click on the current value for language override, which will open a menu with the languages from your Messenger’s settings.

Simply select the desired language, and it will automatically get updated. If you want to remove the language override for a contact, click Clear. This will allow automatic language detection to run for the customer instead.

3. Via a JavaScript snippet

You can also set a customer’s language override directly from the JavaScript code snippet that connects your app with Intercom. You can do this by updating it as shown below:

var intercomSettings = {
app_id: '[YOUR WORKSPACE ID]',
language_override: 'fr' // Replace with preferred language of user

The value of the language_override will only be used if it conforms to an ISO 639-1 two-letter code such as 'en' for English or 'fr' for French. You’ll need to use a four-letter code for Chinese like 'zh-CN'. For Norwegian, Intercom uses Norwegian Bokmål so the ISO code you should use for Norwegian is ‘nb’, not ‘no’.

Good to know:

A customer’s language override will only apply if the language is set in your Messenger’s settings. If not, the customer will see content in their browser’s locale (or if not available, in your workspace’s default language).

The Messenger’s language won’t get updated in "real time" when a contact’s language override attribute is updated, it will get updated the next time the customer reloads the Messenger.

⚠️ We recommend you only set a language override when you have very high confidence that the customer can speak that language, as it will always override the language for that contact.


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