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Proactive Support

Give customers the support they need, before they need it

Onboard, educate, and notify your customers with in-context, automated messages—
cutting support volume and keeping customers happy.

  • Reduce your support volume

    Resolve customer issues before they reach out by giving them the information they need about your product or any known issues.

  • Set your customers up for success

    Make a great first impression and reduce the number of questions your team gets during onboarding and setup.

  • Get started in minutes

    Leverage no-code tools and pre-built templates for popular use cases—from onboarding new customers to notifying them of outages.


Keep new users in your product and out of your inbox

New users need the most help. Guide them through your website or app with automated product education.

Product tours

Make it easy for new users to get started with automated, interactive onboarding. Code-free and simple to set up.

  • Checklists
    Send users contextual and personalized task lists in the messenger to set them up for success.
  • Mobile carousels
    Highlight the best parts of your mobile app with simple-to-create, fully customizable screens.
  • Tooltips
    Point out features and provide in-context help for customers where they might get stuck.
Outbound Messages

The right message—right when it matters

Cut support volume by informing customers when issues arise with the largest selection of messages:

✓ In-product messages

✓ Email

✓ Mobile push

✓ Chatbots

✓ Banners

✓ Surveys



Build powerful automated support experiences with series

Create cohesive targeted message sequences across channels
with a no-code visual builder.

  • Omnichannel communication
    Easily send sequential messages across product tours, in-app messages, bots, email, and more.
  • Precise targeting
    Target users based on who they are and how they engage with your product and messages.
  • Powerful reporting
    Optimize support journeys with insights about how customers interact with your messages.
  • Portrait of Christian Parker of TrueCommerce

    “By proactively targeting specific customers … we’ve seen a reduction of almost 80% in the contact rate for temporary issues.

    Christian Parker
    Director of Managed Services
    at TrueCommerce
  • Portrait of Clint Sheets of Webex Events x

    Our onboarding completion rate is almost 5x higher than with our previous solution. Onboarding is much more personalized and far more scalable.”

    Clint Sheets
    Customer Experience Specialist
    at Webex Events x