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Announcing The Complete Guide to Using Chatbots for Sales

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The promise of chatbots is attractive: enable businesses to grow their revenue, 24/7 and at scale. Today, we’re publishing The Complete Guide to Using Chatbots for Sales to help you get started.

Over the last thirty years, how we sell has changed tremendously. Long gone are the days of door-to-door sales and telemarketing (RIP 💀). And next to go are the lengthy contact forms, multi-part email chains and delayed callbacks that frustrate salespeople and buyers alike.

Modern prospects expect a personalized, on-demand buying experience, and they’re willing to pay for it. Website visitors who chat are 82% more likely to convert and pay 13% more than those who don’t. That’s because live chat makes it possible to sell to leads at the exact moment when they’re most engaged – on your website. And thanks to chatbots, it’s easier than ever to scale this real-time approach.

Chatbots are always on, infinitely customizable and capable of automating away the repetitive, low-value parts of the sales process. For instance, instead of having your top sales rep spend weeks chasing that big-name lead who landed on your website once, why not have a bot automatically engage with all qualified visitors and schedule demos for your sales team?

Inside The Complete Guide to Using Chatbots for Sales
The Complete Guide to Using Chatbots for Sales walks you through the fundamentals of using chatbots to acquire, qualify and convert leads at scale. It offers straightforward advice on how, when and where to engage customers with bots. It also includes five essential templates you can use to quickly launch your own chatbot.

Finally, to put it all in context, you’ll find a short interview with Mailshake’s Sujan Patel, one of today’s most well-known growth experts. You won’t want to miss what he has to say about the most effective bots he’s seen in the wild.

Ready to grow your revenue with chatbots? Head over to our guide.

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