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Built For You: Premier Services, Conditional Branching, and more features to tailor customer experiences

We’re not big believers in a one-size-fits all approach to online business. That’s why we’re continuing to create customizable features that will allow your marketing, sales, and support departments to flourish. Last month’s shiny new updates will not only allow you to improve the efficiency of your teams, but your customers can also enjoy the most personalized engagement on the market.

From mega-additions to the most particular of tweaks, we’ve turned our attention to simplified and reactive functionalities. Without further-ado, here’s what our Intercom chefs have been cooking up over the past month.

Get customized support with Premier Services

Tailor your Intercom experience with the launch of Premier Services. You can now purchase additional services – Premier Onboarding, Success, and Support – to ensure your Intercom account provides the most value and scales with your needs. Our experts will guide you through our products and best practices—from implementation to training and ongoing world-class support. Get customized support from our team to yours – check out our brand new Premier Suite here.


Present tailored content with conditional branching in bots

In addition to quick reply buttons, you can now create paths in Resolution Bot and Custom Bot based on certain conditions. While your teammates enjoy increased efficiency, your customers now receive answers faster, without needing to complete validation paths prior to being served an answer. Head over to our changelog for more insight into just how conditional paths can increase efficiency for your team.

Maintain content uptime with Articles versioning

You can now create a draft version of a published article and view past versions of an Article with our latest release.

After making necessary updates to an Article, you can share it for review without needing to unpublish it, allowing you to retain all of your Article reporting metrics. The customer below, wanted to ensure that new drafts would also include the Article’s history – and to that, we say yes! You can now keep on top of your content’s progression by viewing past versions of an Article.

Updated outbound messaging CSV reports for streamlined messaging data

Our updated outbound messaging CSV reports make it easier for you to uncover valuable insights into how your messages are performing. You now have the power to choose between two types of data exports – “Detailed Stats” report and “Overview Stats” report. Find more information on these data exports here.

Our February flash updates

We’re always on the lookout for room to improve and with that we bring you our February flash updates. A little tweak here and there – a new and improved experience for you, your teams, and your customers.

New dynamic reply times

In the Messenger, the dynamic reply time feature now has display options for under one, two, three, and four minutes, which is consistent with the times shown in your Inbox Reports. Communicating expected reply times properly helps manage customer expectations and short response times should be proudly displayed.

Prevent duplicate Messenger conversations

This new setting allows you to block the same user or visitor from having more than one open inbound conversation at a time. By preventing duplicate conversations you can save your support team’s time and provide a better experience to your customer by ensuring that only one support rep is handling the issue.

Resolution Bot Behaviors have a new look

Easily navigate and understand behaviors with the redesign of our Resolution Bot Behaviors page. The page now shows behaviors in order of their priority, and when viewing individual behaviors it is easier to understand and preview how they apply to conversations.

Show CCDAs in bot messages

You can now show Custom Conversation Data Attributes (CCDAs) as variables in bot messages, allowing you to collect information from your customers, store it as a CCDA, and display it back to your customers. By being able to echo back conversational data you can make your bots sound more friendly and human.

Instantly identify new or existing customers on WhatsApp

You can now control how we identify existing users when a conversation begins on WhatsApp. With a new setting, choose if you would like to create a new lead or identify an existing user with the same phone number, giving you more control over potential security risks.

European Data Hosting on the mobile app – keep critical data classified

EU data hosting is now available on the Intercom Conversations Apps for both Android and iOS. As it’s important for many businesses in Europe to have their data hosted in the EU, teammates can now select to log in to this workspace via the app.

API v2.4 is live

The latest API updates include a new endpoint to update a “company”, new fields for the Contact Model, improved conversation search, and a fix for source.author.type field for cases where a conversation is started with an auto message from a team. Previously the value would be “admin” for this case.

Improved webhooks

We introduced a number of new topics, meaning you can receive live updates when a conversation is marked/unmarked as priority, an end-user unsubscribes from a subscription type, or a teammate is added or removed from a workspace or changes the stats of away mode.

We shipped these features and updates to give you greater control of your team’s needs and customers’ wants. Now, you can create personal experiences across the customer lifecycle – using only the tools that you really need.

We’ve been planning an exciting event to share what we’re building and how these new features can help your business grow, succeed, and break ground. Our first virtual global product launch event, New at Intercom, is happening on March 23rd – Join us by registering for free here and discover the next-generation technology for successful customer relationships. See you there 👋