Built For You series of product announcements

Built for you: Tooltips, new support languages, personalized posts, and much more

It’s been an incredible summer here at Intercom – so let’s close it out with some hot new features! 🔥

It’s no secret that customer experience is the key differentiator for online customers today. That’s why our latest updates have been built to help you deliver the most personalized, contextual, and convenient experience possible. So without further ado, let’s dive into what we’ve built for you over the past month.

Drive product adoption with Tooltips

Now, you can educate your customers and drive adoption of specific parts of your app more effectively with Tooltips. With Tooltips, you can communicate with your cutomers while they are active in your website or app without disrupting their experience. Include a basic message, embed an explainer video, or connect your Tooltip to the rest of Intercom – empowering you to share relevant Articles, kick off a Product Tour, prompt a survey, and more. From onboarding customers to announcing new features, Tooltips can help you create delightful experiences that drive immediate customer action in your app.

Provide localized support with 5 new languages available in Resolution Bot

Support your customers on an international scale as Resolution Bot now provides answers in 38 languages. Last month, we added five new languages to Resolution Bot answers including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Efficiently upgrade your customer experience with targeted, personalized posts at scale

Teammates can now personalize posts with Dynamic Content. Similar to email and chat, they can add a dynamic content block to a post using the media inserter and then tailor either the entire message or blocks/ snippets of the message. Intercom dynamic content leverages your existing customer data to allow you to create highly targeted rules, so you can be sure your posts reach the right audience at the right time. Because it’s a no-code feature it’s easy to use – saving your team time while also upgrading your customers’ experience.

Provide an omnichannel experience with two-way SMS conversations from the Inbox

There may be times where you need to reach out to an individual user directly with an important request or message. Intercom’s outbound SMS messages from the Inbox enables you to have truly two-way interactions with your customers. Replies work just like any other conversation in the Inbox – making it fast and easy to start a personalized conversation, no matter where they are, without leaving the Inbox.

Stronger teams result in stronger experiences

We’ve also taken the time to strengthen experiences for you and your teams! Check out some of our latest updates that will help you better manage your team and help them work more efficiently. 💪

Hola! Our next generation Inbox is now available in Spanish

Our new Inbox has been localized into Spanish (MX). Your team members can choose which language they would like to view the Inbox in during their onboarding experience, as well as in the Inbox via the command+k menu or the user profile menu.

Onboard your teammates in 4 new languages

New teammates can now complete their Intercom account setup and initial onboarding steps in four new languages. In addition to English, we now support French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Manage common actions at scale by exporting macro usage

Teams might often find themselves repeating actions in the Inbox, like assigning conversations after triage, tagging a certain way, or sending a response and snoozing. Macros let you optimize these actions into a single click, while maintaining the flexibility to tweak them for a personal experience. Now customers can  download a CSV containing usage statistics for macros, broken down day by day for the last 30 days – helping you manage these actions at scale.

Automate snooze actions in the Inbox

Now Inbox rules can automatically snooze conversations that meet the rules predicates. For example, “Later Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Monday”, “One week”, “One month”. This means you can automate this action when a customer is not responsive after some period of time, helping your team save time and work more efficiently.

Efficiently create and send group emails while preserving customer privacy

When creating an email for multiple people from the Inbox, you can now choose to send those emails separately. An individual conversation is created with each person, recipient addresses will not be exposed to each other, and these conversations exist in your inbox after you send them. This means your team can efficiently create emails and reach out to groups of customers without needing to worry about privacy issues.

Increased functionality in Survey reports for better data analysis

The latest updates to our Surveys feature include:

  • Brand new data visualization – allowing customers to see their NPS score trend over time.
  • The ability to filter by question and answer.
  • The ability to expose A/B testing variant reports.

This means you can better analyze your NPS score and survey responses.

Improve team management at scale with teammate away reasons

When managing a large number of teammates it can be hard to determine their reasons for being away at a glance. Now, the teammates tab in the real-time dashboard supports a breakdown by reason function to help you see this information instantly. Move your mouse over the “Away” or “Reassigning” text in the summary card to see the number of teammates per away reason. (Please note, this is only available in our next-generation Inbox.)

These exciting new features will empower your team to deliver first-class interactions with your customers – putting personalization, contextualization, and localization at the forefront of the customer experience. But wait, that’s not all…

New at Intercom returns on Wednesday October 12th – and it’s one you won’t want to miss! We’ll be showcasing our biggest feature releases that will help your business grow, succeed, and break ground. Join us by registering for free here and discover the next-generation technology that will strengthen your customer relationships. See you there 👋

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