HubSpot and Marketo

Convert more leads with our new HubSpot and Marketo apps

Main illustration: Axel Kinnear

Today, we’re announcing our new HubSpot and Marketo apps, which allow you to seamlessly sync your customer data so that you can nurture and convert more leads.

Sales and marketing teams today have access to more tools than ever before. These tools help with everything from increasing website traffic to upselling customers, but the abundance of tools on offer brings its own challenges – not least of which is having your customer data in many different places. This often means that you waste time switching between tabs, copying and pasting, or worst of all, losing out on sales opportunities.

At Intercom, we want to make sure that all of the effort you put into driving visitors to your website, capturing their details and interacting with them pays off with higher conversions and customer growth. Our new HubSpot and Marketo apps, as well as our existing Salesforce app, do exactly that – they give you all the context you need to nurture and convert more leads and increase revenue, no matter which tool you’re using. Specifically, by syncing leads and conversations, the apps enable you to keep track of all of your leads, follow up with them faster, access key data easily and have a complete view of every lead’s journey with your company.

Never miss an opportunity to nurture a lead

As you generate leads from the Messenger – whether via auto messages or conversations – you want to track those leads in all of your tools.

Operator, our bot for better customer experiences, can automatically qualify new leads and send the right ones to HubSpot, Marketo, or Salesforce.

You can also manually send a lead to HubSpot, Marketo, or Salesforce with one click from the lead’s Intercom profile.


Follow up with leads sooner

Visitors will often interact with your website multiple times before you’re able to capture any contact information. Knowing how they’ve interacted with your site previously can help you better determine their intent to buy.

Marketo allows you to track these anonymous activities and then merges them into a new or existing lead once they take an action that identifies them.

When you gather contact information in Intercom for a lead that has anonymous activities in Marketo, the lead will be automatically created in Marketo and the activities merged to their profile.


Have all the information you need at your fingertips

When you’re talking with a lead or customer in your Inbox, you want to have everything you need to know right in front of you.

In your Inbox, you can see user data from HubSpot, Marketo or Salesforce by hovering over the link to the lead or customer’s external profile and clicking the link takes you directly to their profile in HubSpot, Marketo or Salesforce.

Plus, when you update basic information about the lead or user in Intercom, it will automatically update in the external tool. For Salesforce, you can also sync custom attributes, like qualification, referral and UTM data.

Intercom Inbox

Get a complete view of every lead or user’s journey

As a marketer or sales rep, it’s important to know what interactions a lead or user has had with your company, so you can continue a nurture campaign or sale right where you left off.

With our new apps, every Intercom conversation gets automatically sent to the lead or user’s profile in HubSpot, Marketo, or Salesforce – making it easy to see their full history with your company.


As you generate leads with Intercom, these apps make it easy to convert them into customers no matter which tools your team uses or plans to use. Learn more about these apps and others in the ever-growing Intercom App Store.