What we shipped: 7 new data and customization-driven features

Data is key to driving revenue and engagement at scale. In the past month, we have released a series of sophisticated features that help you experiment, measure impact and give your leads and customers a targeted, on-brand experience.

For sales and marketing teams, it’s important to understand how your tools are impacting your funnel, which messages are driving action and how well each team and teammate is performing. Being able to track these metrics enables you to optimize your funnel, onboarding experience and new feature adoption.

Leveraging data also allows you to customize and personalize the experience that your leads and customers have with your company – for example, sending highly tailored messages, quickly routing leads to the right reps and ensuring that every touchpoint feels true to your brand. In the past month, Intercom has released seven data and customization-driven features that will help you capture more leads, close more deals and retain more customers.

Identify visitors and personalize outreach with our updated Clearbit Reveal app

Make sure the time and money you spend driving visitors to your website pay off. Know who your visitors are as soon as they land on your website and send them personalized messages using Clearbit data.

We’ve updated our Clearbit Reveal app so that you can use Clearbit data in more places. In addition to sending highly targeted auto messages and customizing which visitors can see your Messenger, you can now:

  • Engage visitors with personalized auto messages by inserting Clearbit data – like industry, company location, or even tech stack – into your messages.
  • Get leads to the right reps faster by routing conversations based on Clearbit data, like company size.
  • Have all of the information you need at your fingertips by viewing Clearbit data in your Intercom Inbox or using the data to segment leads in your Intercom Platform.

Install the app from the Intercom App Store (premium plan required) or see our docs to learn more.

Get visibility into key revenue metrics with new Revenue Reports

Now you can instantly see how Intercom is impacting your funnel. With Revenue Reports, you’ll know:

  • How many opportunities and how much pipeline and revenue Intercom has influenced.
  • How many leads and emails Intercom has captured.
  • Which landing pages and messages generate the most opportunities, pipeline and revenue as well as conversations started and your average response time.
  • How many leads Operator has qualified, disqualified, routed to support, booked meetings with and created in Salesforce.

Revenue Reports are powered by our Salesforce app and available on our new Inbox Premium plan. To learn more about Revenue Reports, check out this doc.

Stay on top of your sales team’s performance with new reports

It’s easy to see how your sales teams or teammates are performing with these new reports. You can see things like opportunities, pipeline and the revenue they have generated, as well as how many meetings the teams have booked, their response times and a leaderboard for largest deals closed.Sales Team Performance Reports are also powered by our Salesforce app and available on our new Inbox Premium plan. To learn more, check out this doc.

Measure the impact of your messages with control groups

Control group testing withholds your message from half the audience, so you can measure the difference in behavior between the control group and those who receive the message. It’s a powerful, data-driven way to validate message performance, set benchmarks and eliminate low-impact messages. Control groups are available on our Messages Premium plan.

If you want to learn more about control groups, check out our docs.

Experiment with bot flows by duplicating Custom Bots

Now it’s easy to replicate existing Custom Bots so you don’t have to keep starting from scratch each time. You can experiment and test new configurations, such as different target audiences or button responses without starting from scratch or impacting any live Custom Bots.

Tailor your bot to your brand by customizing Operator’s bot identity

You can now customize Operator’s bot identity to reflect your company’s unique brand, providing a consistent brand experience for your customers. You can choose a new name, upload your own company logo or choose a fresh color scheme to make it feel like part of your company.Of course, if you’re customizing Operator’s icon, we recommend you still make it clear that it’s a bot, not a human. After all, Operator was designed to automate tasks for humans, not mimic real people.

Advanced customization and security for your Intercom Messenger and emails

If you want to further match your messenger to your brand while also increasing security for your team, you can do so through customization in the Messenger. Match the brand of your business by removing the ability for visitors and customers to view, search and add GIFs in the Messenger. And you can prevent your team from receiving potentially malicious content and sensitive data by blocking attachments in the Messenger and in emails.

These additional customization and security options are available on our new Premium plans. You can compare all plans on our pricing page.

And here’s some of our favourite apps other people have been building on Intercom:


Measure the impact of marketing and sales efforts across all touchpoints.

Sync Intercom engagement data to Woopra in real-time to measure the impact of your marketing and sales efforts across all touchpoints. Plus, fuel Intercom campaigns with Woopra data to personalize messaging based on product usage, support inquiries, website behavior, app engagement and more.

Install from the App Store or find out more here.

PactSafe Chat-to-sign

Prepare, deliver and get acceptance on contracts without leaving Intercom.

Contracts don’t have to work outside your website or app. With PactSafe’s Chat-to-Sign app, you can get a contract accepted without leaving the conversation. Once a contract is accepted, PactSafe connects your contracts to Salesforce, Slack, Zapier and any other tool in real-time.

Install from the App Store or find out more here.


Boost performance and motivate your team with lively leaderboards. Engage and motivate team members to drive more leads, close more deals and resolve more tickets. Spinify pulls key activity information from your Intercom account and turns it into a leaderboard that you can use to monitor and display team member progress against key targets.

Install from the App Store or find out more here.

To keep up to date with the latest updates and changes, you can see our full changelog here.