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Finance, Business Systems, and Strategy

Our multidisciplinary team of Financial Planning and Analysis, Strategic Planning and Operations, Accounting, and Business Systems is focused on helping Intercom scale to meet our ambitions. We're looking for more smart, motivated people to join us.
More reasons to love working here
How we work
We’re a diverse group of people and skills—finance professionals, accounting practitioners, business systems gurus, and business strategy drivers—who work together every day to help Intercom on its mission to make internet business personal.
  • We keep our eye on the accounts—and on the ball

    Whether we're accountants, tax experts, controls specialists, or payroll pros, we make sure we get the numbers right—and on schedule—so the business runs smoothly.

  • We enable our business to operate at a world-class level

    We help our go-to-market teams by building high-quality, zero-touch business systems, enabling us to operate to the standards of a high-performing, high-growth company.

  • We know finance is not just figures

    We’re business people, business partners, and big-picture thinkers, not just number crunchers. Our success is measured in our impact to business success.

  • We shape the Intercom strategy

    We help the whole business define its priorities, determine its goals, and successfully execute its strategies.

“The opportunity to build and scale a company that’s transforming how businesses engage with customers is so exciting. Our team sees the whole picture, so we’re in a great position to bring insight and expertise, and really drive Intercom’s ongoing success.”

Dan Griggs, CFO

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