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Sales at Intercom

Intercom makes it simple for customers and businesses to connect. On the sales team, connection is what we're all about. In addition to being product experts, we're outgoing, friendly people who love to collaborate. Sound like you? Join us.
More reasons to love working here
How we work
The Sales team at Intercom is guided by a set of principles and values that we've all pretty much committed to memory. They're not just nice words—they’re how we keep our team collaborating with each other and focused on what matters most.
  • Be collaborative, always

    We go further together. For us, our culture is just as important as our results—we celebrate individual achievements, but it’s our success as a team that really counts.

  • Focus on the customer

    We put our customers first, always. And staying customer-centric helps ensure that deals stick—and become great relationships.

  • Seek out diverse perspectives

    We value inclusivity. The more open we are to learning, the better we can serve each other and our customers.

What our teammates are saying

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    “I’ve had the opportunity to work as both an individual contributor and in leadership here at Intercom. I can honestly say that the potential for career growth has been unmatched.”

    Kelly Rorick
    Sales Manager, Relationship Management
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    “The product, and the rate at which we evolve it, is phenomenal. That makes the scope and remit of the market really interesting. We’re dealing with a very different type of customer.”

    Tommy Dunton
    Sales Development Representatives
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    “Being on a smaller team makes it so much easier to give feedback to the right people—and the speed at which they make changes to improve our products and services is amazing. It’s a truly collaborative environment.”

    Vinny Savage
    Relationship Manager
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    “We sell an industry-leading product. The opportunities that generates are exciting.”

    Thorne Goodison
    Relationship Manager
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    “Here, when we talk about a big deal we’ve closed, Slack blows up with people all across the company who are so proud of our sales team. I’ve never worked anywhere with that much cohesive support.”

    Lauren Kiefer
    Senior Manager, Relationship Managers
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