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Doubling down on customer satisfaction: How Mebit transformed its support experience with Intercom

With Milan Jovancevic, Director of Operations at Mebit

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  • 7 minutes

    median time to close

  • < 10 seconds

    first response time

  • 20%

    fewer tickets


Mebit offers executive management, customer support, web design and development, marketing, and business analytics services.


Kragujevac, Vojvodina, Serbia


Analytics, Customer Service, Business Development

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Mebit is a company that provides critical services like customer support, VIP hosting, “know your customer” (KYC), and compliance to the largest online casino,

The team’s journey with Intercom started back in 2017 when they decided to uplevel their support experience and make it faster and more efficient. Having grappled with a clunky, email-only communication setup, Milan Jovancevic, Mebit’s Director of Operations, says, “It was super messy. We needed something that would enable us to reach out to customers faster than email.”

The hunt for a better support solution led them to Intercom, which, according to Milan, stood out as the only viable choice for chat-based support at the time – and remains so even today. “I fell in love with the Intercom Inbox and how well it was organized,” says Milan. “The interface was super clean compared to our previous platform.”

But the big game-changer for Mebit was Intercom's Messenger. “When we started using chat to support our customers, our first response time dropped to under 10 seconds,” Milan highlights. These faster responses also resulted in quicker resolutions, with the median time to close a ticket plummeting from two hours to just seven minutes. “We’re now solving tickets in just a matter of minutes, compared to the hours or days it was taking us to solve them via email,” he says.

However, it wasn’t just about speed. Intercom brought a level of organization that unlocked new opportunities for Mebit to delight both its support team and customers. Features like user attributes, auto-assignment, and team inboxes allowed Mebit to tailor the customer service experience and sort conversations more efficiently.

“Intercom made things easy for our customers, and easy for our team to help them,” says Milan, adding that Intercom’s Help Center Articles feature alone led to a 20% reduction in the number of tickets the team received.

Previously, each of our agents could handle a couple of emails at a time. Now, they can handle 10 conversations.
Milan Jovancevic

Director of Operations at Mebit

The results Mebit has seen since upgrading its support setup have been nothing short of extraordinary. “Our performance has jumped significantly since we started using Intercom. Previously, each of our agents could handle a couple of emails at a time. Now, they can handle 10 conversations simultaneously,” says Milan. “That’s a huge jump and means we can help much more customers – faster.”

Intercom is now an integral part of Mebit’s support tech stack. The team has linked the platform to their social media accounts, as well as other core tools such as Evaluagent and Jira, ensuring that all the systems they need to provide standout support are seamlessly connected.

My advice to anyone considering Intercom is to just do it. You won’t regret it.
Milan Jovancevic

Director of Operations at Mebit

Reflecting on the journey with Intercom so far, Milan shares, “The biggest benefit of Intercom is that it has everything you need to create a great experience for your customers and your support team. Literally, anything you need, you can find in the platform. My advice to anyone considering Intercom is to just do it. You won’t regret it.”