Send messages to users from account owners

Personalize your messages by sending them dynamically from, and routing replies to, account owners.

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Sending messages from an account owner lets you maintain a consistent, personal relationship with your leads and users at scale. 

When you send a message from the 'owner' option, each lead/user will receive your message from the teammate assigned as their owner.

Note: This article covers sending messages to users. To identify and send personalized messages to visitors using account-based marketing, read here. See our plans and pricing to add this feature.

Here’s how to set it up:

Send leads and users messages from their owner 

When setting up a user auto message, choose ‘Owner’ as the sender:

Note: You can send messages to leads or users from their owner using in-app or email ongoing messages. You can also send from owner in smart campaigns. You can’t send from owner using one-off messages.

Next, choose a fallback teammate to send your message from. This teammate will be the sender for leads or users who don't have an owner:

Note: You don't need to set a fallback sender if you've targeted a specific owner in your audience rules.

As well as having the option to assign replies to a team or teammate, you can also choose to assign your users’ replies to their owner:

This allows you to dynamically assign replies directly to the user’s owner, so the right teammate can follow up quickly.

Dynamically personalize your message content 

To keep your message personal and consistent with the owner, you can dynamically use the owner’s name in your content.

Just click the data icon to add an attribute.

Then, choose the ‘Author name’ attribute to add the sender’s name to your message. The ‘Author name’ attribute will dynamically change to match the recipient’s owner.

Note: If a lead or user doesn’t have an owner, the fallback sender’s name will be used.

Once you set your message live, your leads/users will receive the message from their assigned owner.


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