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Furnishing your Privacy Notices, Consents, and other Privacy Measures
Furnishing your Privacy Notices, Consents, and other Privacy Measures
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Our customers operate in countries throughout the world. Particular jurisdictions and their applicable laws may require you to inform your end users (your prospects, leads, customers, business partners, vendors, etc.) via a notice as to the nature of personal data collected through Intercom’s services and the cookies and similar web technologies used, among other information. In certain circumstances, you may need to obtain the end user’s prior consent and/or employ other privacy and data protection measures.

Intercom’s Product Privacy Notice provides details on:

  • How our products use cookies and other similar technologies,

  • How we handle personal data as a service provider,

  • How Third-Party Platforms may be integrated into our products, and

  • How we have introduced certain product features to support your compliance obligations.

We have created this notice to ensure you are apprised of how our products and services work, and to empower you to meet your legal and regulatory responsibilities. Please read the Product Privacy Notice carefully to effectively determine and address any applicable compliance obligations.

Note, if you are seeking information about how Intercom handles personal data when we determine how and why it is used (in a data controller capacity and not as a service provider), such as when we collect personal data through our websites or in connection with our marketing and sales activities, please refer instead to the Intercom Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


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