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HubSpot app: Send leads and conversations to HubSpot
HubSpot app: Send leads and conversations to HubSpot
Automatically send your leads and conversations to HubSpot, and view HubSpot data in your inbox
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With the HubSpot app, you can easily streamline your team’s workflows and keep your Intercom leads and users synced with HubSpot. You can:

  • Automatically send leads/users and their conversations to HubSpot.

  • Manually create ‘Contacts’ in HubSpot from Intercom.

  • Send Operator-qualified leads to HubSpot automatically.

  • Trigger ‘workflows’ in HubSpot using your leads’ Intercom conversations.

  • Keep your HubSpot contacts updated with their latest Intercom details (name, email, phone and more).

  • View your lead’s HubSpot profile beside their conversation in Intercom.

  • Check your lead’s Intercom conversation history in HubSpot


  1. When you send a lead from Intercom to HubSpot, they’ll be created as a ‘contact’ in HubSpot. Their lifecycle stage will be set as 'Lead'.

  2. The Intercom Hubspot app only sends data one-way from Intercom to HubSpot. This app cannot sync data from HubSpot to Intercom.

Here’s how to get started:

First, install the HubSpot app

To install the HubSpot app, go to the app store and click the HubSpot app:

Note: The HubSpot app is only available on certain Intercom plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Then, click ‘Install now’:

Next, you’ll be prompted to connect your HubSpot account to Intercom:

Note: You must have admin access in HubSpot to connect with Intercom.

With the HubSpot app installed, you should add it to your Inbox for a quick view of contact details in HubSpot for a lead or user:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Company Name

  • Lifecycle Stage

  • Lead Status

  • Owner

Once connected, you can now choose to send your leads and their conversations to HubSpot in one of two ways:

  • Automatically - Automatically send new lntercom leads and their conversations to HubSpot.

  • Manually - Send a lead to HubSpot.

Here’s how:

Automatically create contacts in HubSpot

It’s easy to automatically create contacts in HubSpot for all of your Intercom leads. 

Just open the HubSpot app in the app store and enable ‘Automatic contact creation’ under ‘Settings’:

Now, every lead and user with an email address will be created as a contact in HubSpot. 


  • Only leads and users created after you’ve installed the HubSpot app will be automatically created in HubSpot. If you’d like to sync leads from before the app installation, export them from Intercom and import them to HubSpot. The HubSpot app will sync your leads' name, email and phone number.

  • When a HubSpot contact is created from Intercom, their lifecycle stage will be set as 'Lead'. This isn't customisable.

  • If the option to "Automatically create HubSpot contacts" is disabled, you can still create HubSpot contacts with bot follow-up actions.

  • If a HubSpot Contact is created separately first, creating an Intercom Lead later will update the HubSpot Contact.

  • If an Intercom Lead is created separately first, and then a HubSpot Contact is created afterwards, the HubSpot Contact will only update if one of the mapped fields is then updated in Intercom.

  • In both cases, if the two records were created separately, they still sync in terms of showing the HubSpot details in the Inbox app

Automatically send conversations to HubSpot

After a HubSpot contact is created, your leads' and users' conversation transcripts will also automatically appear as activities in HubSpot. We send Intercom conversations to HubSpot when they are started or closed.


  • Only conversations that were started after you connected the HubSpot app to Intercom, and that have an end user reply, will be sent to HubSpot.

  • Conversations from before you connected the HubSpot app will not be sent to HubSpot unless a customer replies after the app was connected.

Manually create contacts in HubSpot with a single click

It’s easy to create a contact in HubSpot while you chat to a customer. Just click ‘Create contact’ in the HubSpot app in the Inbox, next to the conversation:

Your customer will be created as a contact in HubSpot. You can easily check their HubSpot owner and lifecycle stage while you chat to them:

Your leads' and users' conversation transcripts will also automatically appear as activities in HubSpot.

Note: To view Intercom conversations in HubSpot, ensure you have Intercom switched on in your activity filters: 

Here are some ways to nurture leads faster with the HubSpot app:

Send qualified leads to HubSpot automatically

If you use Operator’s ‘Qualify leads’ skill to qualify your leads, you can automatically create 'contacts’ in HubSpot as a follow-up action.

For example, if a lead provides you with their company name, company size and email address, you could automatically create those leads in HubSpot:

Sync your leads' details 

Whenever you manually update your lead’s qualification details in Intercom, they'll automatically update in HubSpot. 

The following qualification attributes are updated automatically: 

You can also map other qualification attributes from Intercom to HubSpot. Just open the HubSpot app in the app store, and choose a HubSpot contact attribute for each of your qualification attributes in Intercom under “Map data sent to HubSpot”: 

Important: This only syncs changes to lead's details made by manually updating their qualification data in the Intercom Inbox or user profile. Changes made via the JavaScript snippet, or the REST API will not be synced. If you update a lead’s email address in HubSpot, it will disconnect the lead in Intercom. If you update a lead’s email address in Intercom, it will create a new HubSpot contact.

Note: Apart from Company name, only user level attributes are supported. Company attributes cannot be sent to HubSpot.

Sync Intercom lead owners with HubSpot

When a contact is created in HubSpot, their Intercom owner is set as the HubSpot owner if they exist in HubSpot.

If there’s no owner in Intercom and you manually create the lead from your inbox, you’ll be set as the contact owner in HubSpot.

Note: Owners are only synced at the time a contact is created, not when the contact or owner is updated.

Trigger workflows in HubSpot using Intercom conversations

You can use any part of an Intercom conversation to trigger an action in a HubSpot workflow. 

When creating a ‘trigger’ in your workflow, just select ‘Intercom conversation property’:

You can use any part of the Intercom conversation as your trigger, including:

  • The date it occurred

  • Keywords contained in the conversation’s transcript

  • The conversation’s URL 

For example, you might have a workflow to automatically nurture new leads who are interested in pricing. You can automatically add new lead conversations from Intercom to this workflow, that mention ‘pricing’ or ‘monthly plans’:

Set Intercom as a conversion point in HubSpot

By giving Intercom permission to access the HubSpot tracking cookie, you can enrich customers in HubSpot with Intercom as a conversion point. Just open the HubSpot app in the app store and check the box to “Allow Intercom to access the HubSpot tracking cookie”:

You’ll then see Intercom actions in HubSpot under the contact’s activity: 

Note: If the lead has DNT (Do not track) enabled in their browser, they’ll still be created in HubSpot, but without details provided by the tracking cookie

How do I uninstall the HubSpot app?

If you need to uninstall the HubSpot app at any time, just go to the app store, click on the HubSpot app, and click 'Uninstall':

You can find more information about how to uninstall the Intercom app from HubSpot here. HubSpot 'contact' information that was synced to Intercom before the app was uninstalled will remain.

What's next?

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