By default, Operator asks new leads who start conversations for their email address, so your team can follow up if they leave the Messenger.
If you'd like to require leads to give their email before they can start a conversation, you can turn this on in your Messenger settings

Important: Turning on this setting will reduce the number of leads your teammates have conversations with.

You can choose to always require an email to start a conversation, or for outside of office hours only:

Pro tip: If you decide to turn on this setting, we recommend choosing 'only outside of office hours'. You can follow up with leads who got in touch while you were away, without reducing the number of leads your team have conversations with during office hours.

If you don’t wish to require an email to chat, choose ‘Never’. Operator's 'Qualify leads' task bot will still ask your new leads for their email address when they start chatting.

Note: If you choose 'always' or 'only outside of office hours', the 'require email' form will appear for leads who start a conversation, reply to an ongoing message, or reply after engaging with a Custom Bot. Leads who previously provided their email address won't be asked for it again.

Once turned on, your leads and logged-out users will be asked for their email address before they can send their conversation. 

Note: The ‘Send’ icon will be greyed out until they leave an email address and write a message. 

Once they leave an email address and message, the ‘Send’ icon will turn blue, so they can send the conversation. 

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