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Track how visitors interact with the Messenger with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

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With the Google Analytics app, you can track the Intercom Messenger’s impact on your visitor behavior and conversions.

By connecting the app, you’ll see key Intercom events in Google Analytics, including when visitors:

  • Open or close the Messenger.

  • Start or reply to conversations.

  • Reply to a message or Workflow.

  • Provide their email address in a form (such as through a Workflow or the ‘Qualify leads’ bot).

  • Interact with an app.

These events will be recorded for all sites where you have the Intercom Messenger installed.

Connect the app

Go to the Intercom app store to find the Google Analytics app and click “Install now”. You’ll be asked to authorize access to your Google Analytics account.

Then find your GA4 tracking ID and save it in the app Settings.

Once integrated, you’ll start to see Messenger events in the Realtime overview of your GA4 account.

Now you must set up custom definitions.

User Property/Parameter for custom definitions:

Dimension name

User Property/Parameter



Event Category


Event Label


Message ID


Page visited



  • Intercom does not send any personally identifiable information (PII), or other sensitive data to Google Analytics.

  • The metrics you see in Google Analytics may not match up with the data you see in Intercom’s reporting, because some browsers block Google Analytics from sending events.

How to verify that a page has it set up correctly

  • Go to the page and interact with the Messenger

  • You should be able to see Google Analytics event requests when you open / close the Messenger (when there is no integration set up these events do not fire)

Content Showcase App

'Interacted with app' and 'Completed App Flow' events won't be triggered by our Content Showcase app. This is because these GA events are tied to when a Canvas Kit Submit action is performed, which doesn't happen with Content Showcase links.

Using the GA4 integration with Google Tag Manager

This app works with Google Tag Manager (GTM) for auto-detect, but not if you manually enter the Tag ID. It has not been tested with other tag managers.

How Intercom events appear in Google Analytics

Intercom sends a number of events to Google Analytics. Here’s how they’ll appear in GA4:

Opened Messenger

Sent when the Intercom Messenger is opened (no label in Google Analytics).

Closed Messenger

Sent when the Intercom Messenger is closed (no label in Google Analytics).

Triggered Message

Sent when an In-app message or outbound Workflow is triggered for someone because they match its audience filters (shows Message ID or Workflow ID in Google Analytics).

Important: This event is sent even if they do not open the message or Bot.

Viewed Message

Sent when someone opens an In-app message or outbound Workflow (shows Message ID or Workflow ID in Google Analytics).

Started New Conversation

Sent when someone starts a new conversation in the Messenger (no label in Google Analytics).

Sent a Reply

Sent when an end user replies to an existing conversation, an In-app message or a Bot (shows Message ID or Bot ID in Google Analytics).

Provided Email Address

Sent when someone provides their email address in the email collector (no label in Google Analytics).

Important: This event is not counted as a reply to a message.

Interacted with App

Sent when someone interacts with an app in the Messenger (shows App name & App location as "Home" or "Conversation" in Google Analytics).

Completed App Flow

Sent when someone completes a conversion event in an App (shows App name & App location as "Home" or "Conversation" in Google Analytics).

Identify Outbound Messages & Workflows

The following URL format works for all outbound messages and Workflows:

Will uninstalling and re-installing of the Google Analytics app result in any data loss?

There will be no data loss if you uninstall and reinstall the app. Once you re-install Google Analytics and your Messenger is refreshed, the Google Analytics integration will just resume and pick up where it left off prior to it being uninstalled without any data loss.

What's next?

If you use the Articles product, you can integrate Google Analytics with your Help Center to get insights into how customers help themselves.


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