With the Google Analytics app, you can track the Intercom Messenger’s impact on your visitor behavior and conversions.  

By connecting the app, you’ll see key Intercom events in Google Analytics, including when visitors:

  • Open or close the Messenger.
  • Start or reply to conversations.
  • Reply to a message or Custom Bot.
  • Provide their email address in a form (such as through a Custom Bot or the ‘Qualify leads’ task bot).
  • Interact with an app.

Here’s how to get started:

Connect the Google Analytics app

First, go to your Google Analytics account and copy your tracking ID. 

Note: To find your tracking ID,  follow these instructions.

Next, go to the Intercom app store and click the Google Analytics app:

Then, click ‘Install now’:

You’ll be asked to connect your Google Analytics account. Once connected, add your tracking ID and save your settings:

Intercom will now send your visitors’ Messenger interactions to Google Analytics.

How Intercom events appear in Google Analytics

Intercom sends a number of events to Google Analytics. Here’s how they’ll appear in Google Analytics:

Note: Custom Bot IDs and Message IDs show as numbers instead of names in Google Analytics. Here’s how to identify them in Intercom:

Create dashboards quickly

You can import Intercom’s Google Analytics bundle from the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery to get started quickly. 

You’ll get a dashboard that shows how your users interact with the Messenger. 

It’ll enable you to:

  • See how users are interacting with the Messenger right now on your site.
  • What impact conversations are having on your conversion goals.
  • What pages the Messenger is most frequently interacted with.
  • Which messages, bots and apps have the greatest impact. 

There are also three segments included in the bundle. They’ll help you connect conversation activity and Messenger engagement to your website conversions:

  • Used Intercom Messenger - users who have interacted with the Intercom Messenger 
  • Engaged in a conversation on Intercom Messenger - users who have replied to a message or conversation
  • Interacted with Intercom Messenger App - users who have interacted with an app in the Messenger

Add the Google Data Studio dashboard

If you use Google Data Studio, you can connect to the Intercom Messenger Dashboard, to get a snapshot of your visitors' interactions with the Messenger. 

Note: Intercom does not send any personally identifiable information (PII), or other sensitive data to Google Analytics. The app works with Google Tag Manager, but has not been tested with other tag managers. The metrics you see in Google Analytics may not match up with the data you see in Intercom’s reporting, because some browsers block Google Analytics from sending events.

What's next?

If you use the Articles product, you can integrate Google Analytics with your Help Center to get insights into how customers help themselves.

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