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Customer visits a page
Customer visits a page

Use Workflows for customer outreach to target and upsell when a customer visits a page on your website.

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As well as engaging visitors, you can use Workflows to target and upsell your users. 

Here are some examples:

  • Upsell customers: Grow your business by encouraging customers to use more products.

  • Provide proactive support: Provide users who haven’t finished setting up a feature with ways to get help.

  • Announce features: Launch new features to users in a fun and engaging way with a video.

  • Allow customers to self-serve with external data, such as tracking an order or rescheduling a delivery.

  • Book meetings with high-intent customers: Automatically invite users to book a meeting with your accounts team after they show intent to act, such as viewing your upgrade page. 

Note: Workflow messages will always appear to be sent from Fin AI Agent, you cannot replace it with a teammate. You can however personalise your bot in your Workflows settings here.

Get started

Go to Automation > Workflows and click New workflow.

Choose Create from scratch and use the trigger "Customer visits a page".

Start building your Workflow with a an engaging welcome message. You can add text, emoji, GIFs, attachments, images, video, Product tours, and even apps.

If you choose to end a path with follow up actions, you can complete the path in a number of ways, including tagging the customer, assigning it to a team, sending an app, closing the conversation and more.

For example, if a user selects 'Yes, let's talk upgrading', you share an app for them to book a quick call with a sales rep.

It's also important to give uninterested users a quick exit to their interaction with your Workflow.  For example, if users chose ‘Not right now’ (Path D), you could simply share an upcoming webinar and close the conversation.


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