To help customers discover your product’s value, show them how to use it with Product Tours.

From onboarding signups to showcasing new features, Product Tours help you drive better adoption across the customer lifecycle.

With Product Tours, you can:

Here’s how it works:

Design a Product Tour in minutes

You can build a tour from scratch. Or, get started quickly with a template:

You can create a sequence of posts, pointers and video pointers to guide customers:

With a pointer, you can direct your customers’ attention to a specific website element on your site:

You can embed images or video in your messages to make them more engaging. Or, add attributes to personalize your message.

To create a more personal tour, use video pointers to personally guide customers through your product.

Once you set your tour live, customers can easily advance through your tour and really get to know your product.


  • Your customers can also progress to the next step by typing in, or clicking website elements. This lets them complete more complex actions, or navigate across multiple pages during a tour.

  • If one of your messages points to a website element that’s off the screen, the tour will also automatically scroll to your next message - easily guiding your customers around.

  • You can choose to let your customers snooze, or restart your tours, so they can take them when it’s most convenient:

Note: Tours that are snoozed, or restarted then viewed again, will not be recorded as an additional view in tour stats.

Celebrate tour completion 🎉

To finish your tour with a bang, you can send a shower of confetti on the final step:

Learn more about designing a Product Tour (and adding confetti 😉) here.

Automatically show tours to the right customers

You can automatically show your tour to a target audience to help drive adoption of your product. First, choose the page you want your tour to trigger on. Then, choose the audience you want to target:

Learn more about automatically showing your tours here.

If you've localized Intercom to work with different languages, the buttons in Product tours (e.g. 'Next', 'Done') will be localized for your users.

Proactively guide customers by sharing tours

It’s easy to share tours with customers everywhere you engage them - in conversations, messages, bots, emails and more. Just add the URL your tour should start on:

Once added, you’ll be able to share tours across Intercom and anywhere else you interact with customers.

Learn more about sharing tours here.

What’s next?

Can I use Product Tours in my mobile app?

Product Tours are specifically designed to work with web apps. For an engaging multi-step experience on your mobile app, try Mobile Carousels.

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