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How teammates get notifications

Control which notifications you receive on desktop and mobile.

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Each of your teammates in your workspace controls their own notifications via their personal account settings. To change your notification settings, just open Your account in your hover menu, then select Notifications.

"Activity" that will trigger a notification includes:

  • New conversations or tickets started by a user or lead.

  • Messages from customers in reply to an existing conversation or ticket.

  • Teammates or automations (Workflows) assigning conversations or tickets to you.

  • Snoozed conversations reopened after the snooze period.

Push notifications

  • We wait 10 seconds before sending a push notification to the teammate. A single push notification is sent with all user messages once there has been no new reply for 10 seconds.

Email notifications

  • We wait 3 minutes before sending an email notification to the teammate if you have this option enabled. A single email is sent with all user messages once there has been no new reply for 3 minutes.

Email notifications are not sent to teammates if they have seen the user's reply in Intercom or if email notifications have been disabled.

Browser and in-app notifications

  • These are always sent immediately.

  • Audio notifications trigger for all teammate messages, even if you're viewing the conversation.

  • Browser tab alerts appear in all tabs. You have to close each tab individually to make them go away.

Desktop notifications

  • We wait 10 seconds before sending a desktop notification, for every user message.

  • Mentions are sent immediately via email, push, and desktop notifications.

We consciously do not send push notifications for certain non human interactions. E.g. for bot messages in workflows.

Troubleshooting notifications

If you're experiencing any sort of desktop notification issues:

  • Check that notifications are enabled for conversations by looking under Your Account > Notifications.

  • If you're using Chrome, check your desktop notifications settings, found here.

  • Check that your computer allows banner notifications from your browser. For Mac you'll find this under System Preferences. For Windows this is located under System > Notifications & Actions.

Some other things to consider:

  • Do you happen to share an account with someone else? Do you have any Intercom conversations open on another device? If so, this can impact your ability to receive notifications properly.

  • Desktop notifications will only show on conversations you have them set for.

Can't hear notifications?

In Chrome

If your team aren't receiving notifications with sound in Chrome, click on the padlock icon in the address bar, and go to Site settings.

Then, ensure "Sound" is set to Allow.

In Safari

If your team aren't receiving notifications with sound in Safari, go to:

  1. Safari

  2. Settings

  3. Websites

  4. Auto-Play

Then, ensure "" is set to Allow All Auto-Play.

In Firefox

If your team aren't receiving notifications with sound in Firefox, go to:

  1. Firefox

  2. Preferences

  3. Privacy & Security

Click Settings next to Autoplay.

Then set the default to Allow Audio and Video or define a custom setting for "".

In Microsoft Edge

There's information on allowing notifications in Edge here, which shows you how to allow them on specific websites.


How do I mute notifications on my browser?

Simply go toYour account > Notifications and scroll down to "Browser notifications" where you can toggle the play sound off.

Can I pause notifications for a set period of time?

Notifications can't be paused, you can only enable/disable them fromYour account > Notifications settings.

Can I change the notification sound?

Yes, by going toYour account > Notifications and scrolling down to "Notification sound" you can choose from a set of different sounds.

Can I enable notifications for certain teammates or teams?

We don't currently have a built-in setting to enable notifications for only certain types of conversations or tickets however, there are a few options you could look into.

1. Route the conversations you'd like notifications for into a separate team inbox (such as 'High Priority') with assignment rules. Then, enable notifications for your team to be notified when a message is received in that inbox.

2. Use assignment rules to route conversations like the example above, but assign the conversations by round robin so the new conversations go directly into teammate's inboxes. This way, when your teammates go offline for the evening/weekend they can turn on away mode to be excluded from round robin and allow other teammates that are coming online to turn off away mode to take over where they left off.

3. If you use Slack, integrate with our Slack app to get notifications of new conversations sent to a Slack channel.

Desktop notifications do not work in Incognito Mode.


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