When a user unsubscribes from an email sent through Marketo, you can make sure that Intercom keeps their unsubscribe status in sync. Likewise, when a user unsubscribes from an Intercom email, their unsubscribe status will sync with Marketo too. Below, we’ll show you how to sync your unsubscribes across both channels so you won’t risk sending emails to people who don’t want them.

  1. Open the app store in Intercom.

  2. Then click on the Marketo app and install it. 

  3. You'll be prompted to login to your Marketo account and get your Client ID, Client Secret and your Endpoint URL. Copy these codes and URL and and paste them into the relevant fields in your Intercom set-up. 

5. Click ‘Verify and start syncing.’ Once verified, your users’ unsubscribe status will be synced from Intercom to Marketo.

6. To sync your users’ unsubscribe status from Marketo to Intercom, you will need to create a webhook in Marketo and follow the steps outlined in your Intercom set-up instructions.

Important: Only future unsubscribes will be synced. You need to manually update existing unsubscribes via the REST API.

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