Once you’ve got Accounts set up, you can send targeted, personal messages to accounts when they visit your website

Send targeted messages to key accounts

If you connect Clearbit Reveal to Intercom, you can send targeted messages to accounts when they visit your site, from their account owners. 

When setting up a message to your site visitors, choose ‘Account’ in your audience rules to target your accounts:

You can then choose a specific account to send your message to:

Pro tip: if you’d like to message anyone in your Accounts list, choose ‘Account has any value’. You can use this in combination with the Owner attribute to target a specific owner’s accounts with personalized messages:

When composing your message, you can choose to send it from a specific account owner, and have replies assigned to them, a teammate or team. 

You can also personalize your message content with dynamic attributes. For example, you can add the ‘Account name’ attribute to welcome accounts by their account name, and add the ‘Owner name’ to sign off from the right teammate. 

Note: ‘Account name’ will use the name provided through your accounts list on Salesforce.

What's Next?

Once you've set up accounts-based marketing in Intercom, you can automatically connect conversations from accounts to the right owner.

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