Whether you’re guiding new users around your product, or introducing a new feature, Product Tours should always have a specific purpose—an action you want your users to take. With goals, you can see exactly how many people are taking that action after they receive, or complete your tour.

Set goals for your tours

As you design your Product Tour, set the goal on Step 4:

You should define the goal based your users’ data that represents the actions they take in your product. Choose “+ Add goal” and select an attribute or event.

For example, if your tour encourages users to create a report, and you track this as an event, your goal would be “created_report count is increased”:

Pro tip: Event based goals are great for actions your users can take more than once.

If you track this as a custom attribute instead, your goal would be something like “created_report is true”:

Next, select the period in which you’d like your customers to achieve the goal:

Important: If customers complete the action after the period you define, this isn’t counted towards the goal stats.

Review your goal statistics

To see how well your Product Tours encourage customers to take the desired action, open a tour and switch to the “Goal” tab: 

Here you’ll see the percentage of people who hit the goal within the period you defined, as well as the full list of who hit the goal, and when they hit it: 

You can also filter the report to show you only the customers who have completed the tour: 

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