With Product Tours’ step stats, it’s easy to see which steps your users engage with, and where they drop off. This allows you to identify which steps you should improve, so you can increase your tour’s overall effectiveness. 

To see your tour’s step stats, open one of your tours:

Here, you’ll see each step’s total number of views, and the percentage of customers who viewed it:

Whenever you make improvements to a tour the number of views on each step is reset, so it’s a good idea to take note (or a screenshot) of how the previous version was performing. This way you can easily see if your changes have had the desired effect.

Pro tip: If you see significant drops in the percentage of total viewers from one step to the next, that’s a key indicator that your previous step can be improved. In the example above, the second step has much lower engagement than the first. That’s a good indicator that the first message could be improved.

Follow up with people who viewed your tour

From any of the stats pages (Views, Completed, Goals or Issues) you can apply tags to, or message customers directly. This lets you identify all those who completed the tour, so you can measure its impact on product adoption, upgrades or activation etc.
Just select the people you wish to follow up with, or tag and click "Message" or "Tag":

Tip: To message or tag everyone in the list you don't need to select them, just click "Message" or "Tag".

See Product Tours performance over time

For a quick view of how your tours have performed over the last week, switch to the Views, Completed, or Issues tab. Here you'll see a trend graph of the activity on each day:

Product Tours performance benchmarks

We've collected data on Product Tours performance across all Intercom workspaces, so you can see how your tours compare.

These figures are based on active tours with 2-5 steps that have been received by at least 100 unique users.

For Product Tours with 5 steps, the median overall completion rate is 34%.
These are the median percentages of customers who viewed each step:

  • Step 1 is always 100% as a customer must see this step to begin a tour.

  • Step 2 - 47%

  • Step 3 - 40%

  • Step 4 - 37%

  • Step 5 - 34%

For the first step in a tour, post messages have the highest engagement, with 14% more people proceeding to Step 2.

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