Get feedback at scale using message reactions

Gather customer feedback easily by adding reactions to your messages.

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You can ask for customer feedback in an easy-to-manage way using 'Reactions' in post messages. It's not wise to ask 10,000 users to describe their opinion in an open text field, if for example, all you want to know is if they'd value a new project analysis tool. 

So instead of asking for written feedback, you can choose reactions as your response type. Just select 'Post' as your message type and 'Reaction' as your response type.

Note: You can choose any combination of emojis to appear as the reactions in your messages. Just select any emoji to change it to the emoji you prefer. 

Here's how reactions appear for your customers:  

Now, when you send this out to a large group of users, your data set will be immediately interpretable, and actionable, and you can get straight on to improving your product - instead of spending hours figuring out what it all means. 

Just click into any message to see how your customers reacted to it. 

Follow up on negative feedback

Make sure you take the chance to follow up with any negative reactions you get. Sure, positive feedback will make you feel great, but it’s not actionable. It’s far more valuable to gain insight into why customers aren’t happy with an aspect of your product. 


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