With Series’ detailed stats you can easily see the paths customers are taking through your series, where they’re engaging with messages and where they’re becoming disengaged.

This shows you the best areas for improvement so you can improve how effectively a series is driving action.

Open any live series in your workspace and you’ll see an overview of its performance so far:

See how many people have started the series by matching an entry rule block, and the percentage of those people who have:

  • Finished — Reached the end of a path in the series, and have no other content to receive.
  • Disengaged — Reached a rule block they do not match, or didn’t come online to receive a message.
  • Exited — Matched the exit rules for the series.
  • Hit the series goal — Completed the action you defined as the goal for your series.

Note: These stats are not exclusive from one another. For example: a person could be counted in the percentage of people who disengaged and people who hit the goal.

Click on any of these tabs so see how the percentage has changed over time:

Pro tip: On the ‘Series goal hit’ tab, you can filter for a more specific view of when people hit the goal:

You’ll also see a list of people in each of these tabs, where you can take action by sending them a message, or tagging them:

Tip: Select customers individually in the list, or leave them all unchecked to send a message or apply a tag to all of them.

Get a more granular view

When looking at the overview, you’ll see the total number of people who interacted with each block in the series:

For a block where people fall into multiple categories like this email, just hover over the stat for a breakdown:

Note: The ‘Pending’ status under a block means a person hasn’t matched the filters for a rule block, or that they haven’t come online to receive a message.

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