Open any banner message for a quick view of how it has performed over time.

Depending on your banner’s action, you’ll see different stats:

  • Views — How many people saw the banner. Available on every banner message.

  • Clicked — How many people opened the link from your banner.

  • Reacted — How many people reacted to your banner, and which reaction they chose.

  • Emails collected — How many people left their email address in your banner.

  • Goal — How many people received your banner, and completed the action you've set as your goal. Available on every banner message.

To see how any of your stats have changed over time, open the tab, like ‘Goal’ for example:

Here you’ll see a trend graph of the activity on each day, week or month:

Pro tip: If you see a small percentage of users taking action, or hitting your goal, try an A/B test to determine why.

You can filter the chart to only show those who hit the goal after engaging with your banner:

You’ll also see the full list of everyone who hit the goal (or clicked, reacted, etc) where you can message or tag them in bulk:

Export your banner data

For a deeper dive into your banner statistics, you can export your data as a CSV. Just choose 'Export CSV' under 'More' when viewing a single banner:

Then choose the date range you'd like to see stats for:

You’ll receive your CSV by email. 👍

What’s next?

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