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View a Series Performance Summary Report
View a Series Performance Summary Report

See how your Series is performing at a glance

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View a Performance Summary for each individual Series, alongside aggregated performance stats and reporting for all the messages and content within a Series.

Performance Summary Breakdown

The Performance Summary Report is divided into two sections:

Overall series performance

This section provides an overview of the Series' performance on one page.

  • Started: the number of users that have started your Series.

  • Finished: the number of users who’ve finished your Series, that is, they’ve reached the end of a path and have no further content to be delivered.

  • Disengaged: the number of users who’ve disengaged from your Series, that is, reached a rule block they do not match, or didn’t come online to receive a message.

  • Exited: the number of users who have exited the Series by matching the exit rules set within the Series.

    • This will only show if you have exit rules turned on for the Series.

  • Goal: the number of customers who met the Series goal.

    • This will only show if you have goals turned on for the Series.

This section also allows you to track how the Series performance changed over time using the multiline "Series performance over time" chart.

Message performance by content type

This section gives you an aggregated view of the performance of all of the messages within the Series, based on the content type/channel.

Simply select a content type to view:

  • Performance stats specific to that content type - these show the total/average rate for all of the stats and messages related to that content type.

  • A table breakdown of each of the individual messages for that content type with a breakdown of every relevant stat.

When viewing your Series Performance Summary, select a specific time period you want to analyze.

If you want to view which customers entered, disengaged, exited or completed a Series, you can click on the link underneath the main stat to open up a side panel with a full list for you to view these users:

Screen Capture on 2023-10-09 at 12-12-43.gif

Teammates must have the 'Can access Reports' permission to access the Series Performance Summary.


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