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Banner message best practices — Example uses
Banner message best practices — Example uses

Check out these example banners and find inspiration for your messaging plans.

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This article is a collection of example banner messages. Use these banners in your product as they are, customise them for your specific needs, or just use them as inspiration for other ways you can effortlessly engage your customers. 😉

Pro tip: Some of these examples exist as templates which you can choose when creating a new banner:

New feature announcement

This example is targeted at users on the ‘projects’ page, to tell them about a new related feature. The CTA will take them to the new feature and launch a Product tour automatically. It’s not dismissed on click, which allows them to trigger the tour again if they’d like. Because we’re targeting users while they’re actively using the projects feature, this banner is inline so it doesn’t obscure anything they’re working on. 👌

NPS Survey

This example is used to get quick feedback from users of your product. The targeting is important here, so we’re filtering for users who have signed up at least 7 days ago, and who have had more than 5 web sessions. This ensures we’re only getting feedback from engaged users. This banner is dismissed on click so they only react once.

Banners’ reporting makes it easy to see how the reactions to this message change over time, so you can keep your finger on the pulse. 👍

Limited time promotion

This is a subtle banner which doesn’t show the sender and has no CTA. It starts sending midweek to all website visitors, advertising a sale in the upcoming weekend. Scheduling makes it simple to have the banner appear on Wednesday morning, and disappear on Sunday at midnight when the promotion is finished.

Newsletter signup

This banner is shown to all leads or visitors (who haven’t already provided their email address) and offers a discount coupon if they sign up for your newsletter. You can set up a newsletter to automatically send to any lead with an email address, or you can send more targeted messages by connecting this banner in a Series:

Note: There is no character limit for banners — however, the most effective banners tend to be those that provide quick information or a call to action for your customers, rather than those that provide long announcements.

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