Once you know what content your customers are responding best to, you can use these insights to create even more useful articles. Your Articles Report and stats show you the articles your customers viewed and reacted positively to most. Armed with this information, you can identify trends in what’s working and feed that back into your help content strategy. 

To see which articles people read most: Visit your Insights, scroll down to the ‘Review these articles’ section and click the ‘Viewers’ tab. 

This will give you an overview of the kinds of content your customers have the biggest appetite for - maybe that’s your set-up articles or your best practice guides, for example. 

Pro tip: As lots of your customers are viewing these articles, you need to make sure these are the best they can be. At Intercom, we find that our most popular articles are our installation, configuration and best practice articles. We give these extra careful attention and review them frequently to ensure they’re accurate, up to date and as easy to follow as possible. 

Pay attention to articles customers are happy with

You should also pay close attention to the articles your customers are happiest with (the one’s they’ve reacted with a 😃most on). Click on any article to see the percentage of people who reacted positively to that article. 

Pro tip: After you’ve received reactions on a few articles, we recommend developing a benchmark for success. For example, if you find that on average 85% of your customers are happy with your articles - aim for 90%.  

Create a strategy to improve your help content 

Armed with these insights, define a strategy to help you create more useful help content. Here are just a few ideas: 

  • Identify why your customers enjoyed an article. For example, if your customers reacted positively to an article that’s written in a more accessible tone, write like that more. 

  • Tag positive conversations as ‘positive feedback’ so you can quickly search for and find these conversations later. Identify trends in what’s working and feed that into your strategy. 

  • Create a one pager that outlines the components of a successful article and use this as a guide for creating better help content. Include the top things you’ve found like, ‘Each article should be short and snappy’ and ‘Our customers love best practice tips that help them excel with the product.’

  • Note the kinds of content your customers respond to best - maybe that’s onboarding content or reporting content, for example. This will inspire a whole host of new article ideas you can write in the future. 

What’s next? 

Next, find out how to direct traffic to articles that aren’t getting viewed as many times as you hoped. 

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