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Teammate performance report
Teammate performance report

Check in on teammate performance with accurate metrics and insights.

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The Teammate performance report is a one stop shop for support managers to check in on how individual teammates are performing, or for teammates themselves to self assess their own performance across a variety of key performance metrics. It offers instant access to accurate metrics and insights for data driven decisions.

Learn more about how this report differs from the previous Team performance report.

You'll find this report under Reports > Human support > Teammate performance.

  • Teammate metrics available in this report are also available in custom reports.

  • Time based metrics in this report use your default office hours setting to determine if time within office hours is included in the calculation or not.

At the top of the report you'll see a dynamic teammate filter, allowing swift and easy selection of the individuals you wish to report on. All charts below will adjust automatically based on the chosen selection.

For example, when considering "conversations replied to", the report will narrow down to the number of unique conversations where the selected teammate responded to a customer within the specified date range.

It's also possible to filter based on team membership. Use the "Teammate is" filter and select "is a member of" to choose a team. This will display only the conversations assigned to the current members of that team.

You can add additional filters on top of this to filter by other attributes, including; standard data, conversation data, people data, company data, and custom data attributes.

Teammate responsiveness

Teammate responsiveness metrics enable you to better measure how quickly teammates are responding to issues, while also filtering out uncontrollable delays such as time spent in a bot inbox or a queue.

Metrics used:

Hover over a chart and click the cog to change from "Median" to other aggregations of these metrics. This feature is only available on some plans and aggregations won't be saved upon closing the report.

  • Average

  • Median (default)

  • Minimum

  • Maximum

Teammate productivity

The productivity metrics provide you with data to better gauge the overall output of your teammates, enabling you to make an informed assessment of efficiency. These are calculated using per hour metrics.

Metrics used:

Understand how per hour metrics are calculated.

Teammate customer satisfaction

These customer satisfaction metrics enable you to gauge the quality of service provided by teammates and better understand your customer experiences.

Metrics used:

Teammate performance overview

The teammate performance overview table provides a quick snapshot of each team member's key metrics in single view. It allows easy comparison of individual performances, highlighting standout contributors and areas needing improvement.

Metrics used:


Why is my teammate not showing up in the team filter when they used to be part of the team?

The "is a member of" in teammate filters reflects the current membership status of the team, rather than a historical perspective. This means that if a teammate is no longer part of the team, they will not appear in the filter for that team.


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