Regional Data Hosting

Choose where to have your data processed with Regional Data Hosting in the US, EU, or Australia.

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In order to better support our customers around the globe, Intercom has launched a Regional Data Hosting program for new Sales-led customers. Our Sales team can provision a regional Intercom workspace for you, so you can choose to have your data processed in a Designated Region: being the US, EU or Australia.

What type of data is included?

Regional Data Hosting means that your customer data will not be transferred outside of your region, save for the limited exceptions identified in the Regional Data Hosting Addendum (insert link). This includes:

  • All Visitor and Contact data collected by the Messenger.

  • All the conversation data that happens via the Messenger (between you and your customers).

  • All the data attributes or events a customer collects on their workspace.

What type of data is not included?

European Union

For EU, data that is required for billing and support processes may be transferred outside of your region. This includes:

  • Your Name, Email & credit card data (required for billing, which occurs in the US).

  • Your workspace admin data (used required for providing Customer Support).

  • Your Meta-data associated with usage (e.g., features used, types of messages sent, etc.)

  • Technical data captured on the infrastructure that will be sent to our monitoring tools.


The only personal data that may leave Australia will be:

  • Your Name, Email & credit card data (required for billing, which occurs in the US).

  • Your workspace admin data (used required for providing Customer Support).

  • Emails (inbound and outbound) will go through the US due to infrastructure limitations.

Important: Any data flowing to/from external systems (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, etc.) might leave your region once it leaves the Intercom system.

Installing Intercom for Regional Workspaces

When you are using a regional workspace and installing Intercom on your website or in your app, you will need to add an additional parameter to the javascript snippet and/or SDK.

Your region-specific workspace exists independently from your US-based workspace, which means that you are unable to toggle between workspaces.

[TEST] workspaces are supported and should work as normal. Developer Workspaces are not supported in EU data hosting, they are used for public apps (listed on the app store) and they are typically published in the US and synced to EU or AU.

Installing Intercom for web

Installing Intercom for mobile

Apps & Integrations with Regional workspaces

All third party apps are available through the app store, however we encourage you to test any apps with regional workspaces. Intercom-built apps will continue to be added to regional workspaces over time. Please refer to this Article for the list of Intercom apps that are not currently available.

When integrating any apps that use a code-less method to install the Intercom Messenger, you will need to ensure that the proper parameter is passed (see developer documentation here).

Examples of this include, Google Tag Manager and Segment.

Important: You should test any app that installs the Intercom Messenger to confirm that regional data hosting is supported. We cannot guarantee that all 3rd party apps will work with regional data hosting.

Intercom Support for Regional Workspaces

In order to best support our customers around the world, Intercom offers global support across multiple time zones. These support teams are distributed globally to achieve our follow the sun model.

If you are on Regional Data Hosting, the majority of your Support needs will be handled by our in-region support team.

If, under exceptional circumstances, our support team needs to access your Customer Data from outside of the Designated Region, you will be made aware beforehand and have opportunity to object in accordance with the process set out in the Regional Data Processing Addendum. Please note that this is rare.

Where are our Regional Data Hosting data centres located?

Our US data centre is located in Amazon Web Services in the us-east-1 AWS Region (N. Virginia, United States).

Our EU data centre is located in Amazon Web Services in the eu-west-1 AWS Region (Dublin, Ireland).

Our Australian data centre is located in Amazon Web Services in the ap-southeast-2 AWS Region (Sydney, Australia).

Please note, Regional Data Hosting is only available on certain annual plans. Please see get in touch with your Intercom account manager or our Sales team to learn more.

How do I know which data region I’m hosted in?

It can be found in your workspace URL:

  • for US customers

  • for EU customers

  • for Australian customers


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